Pop Quiz: Among these sentences, which one do you believe?

  1. Smart homes are costly
  2. Smart homes are very technical and complex to operate
  3. Smart homes can be hacked easily

If you agree with the above statements, then you are not aware of the multiple benefits that smart homes provide. Since it’s an emerging topic, you may misunderstand what it is and the benefits. Whether it’s just an investment for a luxury lifestyle or is it a necessity? 

Hence, it’s crucial to understand and overcome the misconceptions that aren’t true!

Are Smart Homes part of the luxury lifestyle, or is it a necessity of the future?

Over the decades, the real estate sector has evolved and changed immensely. Be it contemporary interiors or modern lighting with a traditional touch, the new-age homes include energy-efficient devices, smart control equipment, high-end appliances, etc.

This shift and advancements in technology have resulted in the inception of smart homes. A home automation system uses a single device or app to control futuristic appliances like smart lights, smart thermostats, etc. Looking at the latest trends, we can confidently say that the future of housing has finally arrived. That’s why a smart home is like a bottle of wine which only gets better over time.

Smart home technology has often been considered as an investment for a luxurious lifestyle. However, it’s far from the truth. Considering the impact smart homes have on our lifestyle, it has become a necessity. In today’s world, online shopping is a service used by the masses. This is because what was considered a luxury at one point is now a necessity because of the elevated experience and convenience that it offers.

Whether setting reminders on your phone or asking your voice assistant to check emails, technology is everywhere. We video call our friends and set alarms on our phones. Technology has elevated our lifestyles and made our everyday activities effortless. Just imagine spending a day without your smartphone. Can’t think about it, right? Similarly, you won’t feel it right now, but smart home automation is the need of the hour and essential for your home, especially when we are looking for contactless measures to fight the ongoing pandemic.

Why are Smart Home Devices the go-to choice in today’s world? What are the reasons behind it?

Smart homes are smart not only because of the technology but because they understand your requirements and pain areas. There are numerous reasons why you should opt for smart devices in today’s world. Let’s elaborate on them.

  1. Efficiency

How many times have you left the house without closing all the lights? A lot, right? When you come from outside, is your room temperature not ideal? Sometimes, it’s not, correct? With smart home technology, you can control all your appliances by using a single device or app. You can turn off the lights with a single click when you are outside the house. Also, before you come home, you can turn on the thermostat to ensure it regulates the heating system and provides an ideal temperature.

  1. Convenience

Having a smart home provides the convenience of managing your household appliances from anywhere in the world. Whether monitoring your security or closing the curtains, smart home technology can provide you with an elevated lifestyle.

  1. Comfort

As the sun rises, imagine your blinds automatically rise, ag on your bed. Isn’t it great? With smart devices, you can experience the comfort of your household chores being done by just sitting in one place.

  1. Peace of mind

In the current situation, with the rising threats, what matters the most? It is the security of your house and loved ones. A smart home helps you monitor the house’s security when you are not around and gives you peace of mind. 

How many devices can you integrate with your Smart home appliance?

You have understood the benefits of smart home technology. Also, you are aware of the underlying need for setting a smart system at your home. Now, the question is, where to start? How do you choose between these technologies and create one system that manages your entire home? 

You would want to start with brands that provide future-proof and versatile products. They can provide greater security, internet accessibility, smart device organisation, energy conservation, and even meet the demands of your family members. 

Next, savvy home incorporation can give you a superior level of control. This technique includes programming home highlights settings depending on your family’s needs while also considering precise changes or impermanent exceptions. So, if your house needs cleaning at a particular time, you can program the framework accordingly and provide a code to your cleaners. Along with that, you can set the alarm on your cell phone if anybody attempts to access your home utilising that code at other times.

Smart Home Devices that showcase versatility and are easy to use

Most smart home technologies interact with bathroom, lighting, kitchen, and many more and make your home energy efficient and more comfortable. Let us know some of them in detail to apply them to your homes.

  1. Home management panel

The home management panel is a smart touch screen panel that helps you control your gadgets with ease. So, instead of having multiple switches on your wall, you can connect all the gadgets in one place and access them via this panel. Also, you can place it seamlessly on the wall.

  1. Water leak detection

Imagine you are away from your home, and suddenly a pipe starts leaking. How devastating can it be? Water starts filling your home, leading to thousands of dollars in damage, making it challenging to deal with the problem on time. But, with water leak detection technology, you will be notified instantly when leakage occurs, giving you the time to take the necessary steps.

  1. Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats consist of wifi technology and sensors that help you better control the temperature without constant adjustments to do the job or being physically present. Over time, these smart devices also learn your pattern and turn it off or on as per your schedule. 

  1. Smart Locks

Sometimes, you struggle to open the door with keys. Also, you want your kids to open the door without the keys. Well, you resolve these problems with a smart lock. Smart locks provide options for entering the door with the help of a code. This resolves the problem of carrying the keys everywhere around. 

  1. Smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs can sense the type of light in the room, switch from dim to bright white light, and even turn themselves off when you leave the room.

A Smart Home can add immensely to everyday happiness in your home. And your family can profit from the comfort, security, energy preservation, network, and versatile highlights that a smart home can provide. 

The benefits are aplenty. It all comes down to awareness of what you can achieve if you harness the power of smart home technology right. It would be wise to take on the expertise of smart home professionals here, to help all the way from choosing the right set of products and devices for your home to putting them all together, integrating, configuring, and customising them, to deliver that final experience we have been speaking about. The Smart Hive is just a call away!

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