What is the future scope of home automation?

Homes are being built with wireless and remote control accessibility of different aspects of living space like temperature, lighting, entertainment and Security. There is now no need for controlling things manually at your house. Dedicated AI for your home automation will take care of that. The Management of the living space is done through interconnected smart devices and appliances that use communication networks like Wifi, Bluetooth and ethernet etc. Tech guru’s and real estate agents shrewdly named this living space that is wirelessly connected and smart device integrated to perform at your daily commands as Smart Homes.

What more do the tech gurus and real estate agents speak of smart homes? What do they think about the future of home devices? How beneficial will these devices be? What will be their advantages? What is playing a bigger role in home automation? How will home automation change the way we function? How will home automation change the way our home functions?

How will the global market be affected by home automation? And to an extent, what is the future scope of home automation according to these tech gurus and pundits? 

This article will cover and try to answer all the questions above while limiting the improbable. 

Remember the hilarious proof-of-concept video a couple of years back by Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) of an idealised version of home automation by Jarvis system? Hilarious as it might have been, years removed from then, now those concepts in Mark’s video are almost reality. That tradition will be continued here in this article as well, staying in the realm of probable and predicting future home automation scope that can be perceived. 

Advantages Of Home Automation Devices That Make Them Future-Friendly

 It is remarkable to see how far we have come in the innovation of technology. Think about it, in the past “phones” were just phones but phones have become much more than phones in these past two decades. Phones are now cameras, calculators, touch screens, computers, gaming devices, audio players and much more. Much like this, the future of many of our devices is on a similar trajectory. They won’t just be a single thing. But the purpose of technology innovation is to produce convenience and reduce workload. 

Home automation is no different. Home automation is to make your life simpler and allow you to have futurist comfort, so you can have undivided attention to the thing that really matters to you. Aside from convenience and comfort, tech experts believe that future home automation devices are gonna pack more advantages that will make them future-friendly. Advantages like cost-efficiency, self-sufficiency, and eco-friendliness:


Home automation devices are built with cutting edge technology, at the same time with the most efficient parts. All the major players in the industry, such as Amazon, Google, Sony, Apple, are investing money and labour to bring you the best home automation product. Because of competition and the companies that are involved in it, home automation is gifted with trustworthiness. The Home automation devices that are currently available in the market and the ones that will come in the future will have a longer life cycle than the regular devices, thus making it an intelligent choice for your wallet. And due to the competition, home automation devices are getting cheaper and cheaper, with the intention to make them available for every future home. Hence Cost-effectiveness is achieved.


What use is technology when you are required to constantly work it manually? We were not in 1874, and we don’t want our future to be there either. We don’t want to press the switch on the wall to turn on the lights; we don’t want to constantly wait on our washing machine for laundry. 

Self-sufficiency is the other thing that future home automation devices will offer. There won’t be any manual initiation of commands for your devices. Everything will be through voice or behaviour. Initiations like Alexa and Google assistant came halfway, making the voice control reality for your house.


Energy is a big part of any technological innovation. We want gadgets that require less energy without compromising their efficiency. That is what we will be getting in the future. Devices are going to be working with natural energy like solar energy, wind energy or water harvesting. The appliance will, anyhow, only consume a minimal amount of energy because it uses stored user data to modify the output. All of this means future devices will become friendly to the environment.

How IoT Is Changing The Way We Function And Our Home Function

The realization of home automation is credited to recent progression with IoT and AI, rightfully so. IoT technology is becoming more systematic and precise. Technology, in general, has become competent to the unforeseen point. Believe it or not, you can add new skills to your smart home devices. Even now, smart home devices like Alexa let you add new skills and build your own custom voice interaction model that will work complimentary to habits and how your life works. These options are available mainly to solve particular issues and create customer value for the users. Similarly, the regular devices which are fixtures of our homes, such as television, refrigerators, washing machines and even mirrors, are in for a smart transition. Integration through a wireless connection is the new name of the game. Television will further summit its place as the centralized entertainment system in the future by becoming even competent to access social media. Mirrors will then be a pretty logical candidate for becoming a face-time touch screen. 


Future home technologies are expected to increase efficiency, control and customization. Homes will be safe with proactive alertness and automatic threat detection. These devices aim to be beneficial for elderly or physically challenged people. Artificial intelligence, along with IoT, is set to make you more laid back in the future by becoming more efficient. You will be able to control all the functions in your home vicinity just from the pivot, thus adding comfort in the life of hard work and making the daily task around you easy. The future homes are truly a living space for digital natives.

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