Let me introduce to you, Mr. Chris Jenner. He is the vice president of Turner Homes, one of the well-established construction companies in Sydney, Australia. Being in this industry for a long time, he was worried about his team’s challenges concerning selling homes faster and better, especially in the truly unprecedented times post covid. 

The issues were perpetual and ever-changing. Even with the volume being up, there was an increase in costs for building homes. Also, the home buyers’ expectations about safety and quality were getting dynamic. Homes had to build with standards higher than ever due to changes in technology and environmental awareness. 

Some of the challenges in detail are as follows

  1. Financial challenges

The home building industry was facing difficulty in dealing with the rising costs of labour and building materials. Also, the changing market conditions made it crucial for builders to be updated with the latest financial condition. Another problem was the rise in building costs after the price was agreed with the homebuyer. 

  1. Lack of Skilled Labour

In Australia, builders have seen a reduction in the skilled workforce in the construction industry. Also, there have been significant differences in work ethic and attitude between the generations. This is because most of the workers who have been in the industry for a long time have reached their retirement age. The recession has driven skilled artisans to not return to the industry.

  1. Environmental concerns

As per research, construction raw materials generate around 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. That’s why home buyers have become very particular about investing in sustainable homes that do not harm the environment. 

Chris wanted a robust solution that could help his company navigate the challenges. So, he decided to invest in digital technologies that make homes for the future, i.e., smart homes.

Smart home automation is rising, providing convenience, comfort, and security with a single click or command. Numerous homeowners add smart home innovation to their homes post-construction. However, on the off chance that these highlights can be introduced during the construction cycle, that is far better. 

A Smart Home has a lot of potential. Builders can design homes by including the smart home integration at first, so there would be no decision to modify plans once the construction is done. It lessens the chance of disturbing the original design, plan, and wiring.

Advantages of Smart Home Automation for Builders

1. Smart homes help attract more buyers.

Nowadays, we use monitoring systems, smart TVs,  voice assistants, smart cleaners and many more in our daily lives. Smart hubs help manage all the gadgets effectively with one device. They have become part of our lifestyles, and accordingly, it’s generally expected that they are now built into home offerings. Smart home automation improves security and helps take care of all the activities in the house. 

Home automation has never been more critical to Australian purchasers. Smart home technologies are expected requirements in a home, and when it’s not present, the homes are progressively seen as ineffectively planned. This is why many smart appliance manufacturers are working together with builders to fulfil customer requests.

2. Smart homes help get an edge over competitors.

A new home buyer has two options: buy a standard home or buy a smart home. What do you think they will choose? That’s true, and the answer would be a smart home. This proves that smart home automation can give you an edge over your competitors.

Any customer wants the best, especially when investing in a house. So they rely upon the builders who offer different adaptable choices and will provide them comfort in the long run. 

3. Smart homes enhance property value.

Smart homes create a long-lasting property value for your home buyers. Based on research, it can add 10% to the resale value. So, it’s crucial to invest in futuristic technology.

O Chris understood the importance of smart homes and how they could help his company sell better and faster. So, he decided to partner with a smart home automation expert that would guide his company through the entire process. While reading an article on smart homes, he came across “The Smart Hive”- the perfect home automation partner for future-ready homes.

The Smart Hive understood what Chris’s buyers were looking for. A luxury home and standard of living that provides a unique experience. So, to introduce his buyers with future-ready smart homes, the Smart Hive experts decided to use their display home service.

The Smart Hive’s Display Home Service does the talking!

Display Homes are an age-old concept, and the intent remains to showcase the value proposition as tangible as possible – for the buyer to get a feel of the property and what his life there could be like in the future. By investing in technology, your customers can visualize, feel and help them experience what you want to convey. This will ensure a satisfying encounter.

Display homes can power up your sales. It helps your buyers picture themselves living in the home with their family – a picture-perfect life. By showcasing a display home, you will trigger their emotional feeling and fulfil their expectations.

As buying a home is one of the major investments in one’s life, any homeowner doesn’t want to invest in something which makes them regret it later. So they depend on the builders who offer multiple options for a home and additional features and choices. This would make customers choose you over the competitors.

For Chris, the Smart Hive provided a FREE assessment of the display home and created an estimate. This helped him to understand more about smart home automation and property value relation. They helped him provide an offer that his customers could not refuse- A smart home that provides everything (security, convenience and comfort) with a tap on the screen or single command.

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