2022 to kick start a new chapter in Smart Homes. 

Here is How!

If there had to be one takeaway from the events of the last two and half years, it is that nothing can stifle the progress of the internet-powered world, not even a worldwide pandemic. It is like the saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” That was what literally happened. Not only had the Smart home industry pressed on during the lockdown and pandemic, but it had found a way to become successful than ever. There will be more homes with smart devices in 2022 than in 2019. Australian homeowners had welcomed smart homes with both hands open, for it had provided them with entertainment, convenience, security, and even increased the value of their property. 

That being said, 2022 is a whole new beast. Experts are predicting 2022 to be a tour-de-force year with a new set of rules of technological innovation, as well as improvement in already existing ones. Below are the technological developments that are happening in 2022, which will, in turn, have an impact on Smart home trends in different degrees. 

Home Office Space Automation

On paper, working from home can be misconstrued as a temporary inconvenience imposed by covid restrictions. But this is turning out not to be the case. Workers of well-established businesses in well-to-do countries have been preaching for agile working environments long before the pandemic, citing its productivity benefits. And as a result of the pandemic compliances, almost all office culture is adapting themselves into a hybrid workspace (the combination of WFH and in-office working). So to cater to that, smart home devices manufacturers are planning for innovative solutions such as Smart chairs, desk that provides multifunctional charging for your computer and phones, noise-cancelling windows, binds that adjust the brightness with the time of the day, etc. These spaces will also be fit for school and college goers classrooms.

Home Integration

The past few years have sowed the seed for an integrated home. Some will even say they made the concept a reality. If what is available in the market now is enough to leave you amazed, you will only have time to pick up your jaw from the floor in 2022. This is because 2022 is going to push home integration to the next level. Homeowners will save more time and effort because of extended smart devices interaction. Because the demand for a connected home is very high right now, homeowners will be treated with big bucks from many renters. 

More and more smart devices will be compatible with “If This Then That” (IFTTT) technology. This will allow more devices to be integrated with each other even when different manufacturers make them. 


Metaverse is going to be the next big thing that will not affect just the smart home but everything in general. The idea here is to create an online world that is shared and has the physical, virtual, and augmented reality converged. The concept finds its origin in Neal Stephenson’s sci-fi novel “Snow Crash.” In 2021 industry giants like Microsoft had shown interest in this direction, but the most significant tell-tale sign was when Facebook renamed itself as Meta, confirming its focus is in the Metaverse direction. As a byproduct of this, Smart homes will be more streamlined in their connectivity, and the devices will have increased synchronisation. 

AI Technology

AI is an obvious contender that will change how we function for the better. Smart devices will acknowledge their functionality and adapt it to habits to make life easier for everyone. When Amazon launched a smart speaker with Alexa in the 2010s, it was the first real cutting edge AI device for domestic use, but with the current industry’s placement, we will have more sophisticated AI technology within the course of 2022. IoT and AI will become much more common entities in households. In 2022, AI technology will be more prevalent in devices like fridges (so that they can track its content and create a grocery list for you), Smart mirrors (so that they can stream exercise videos directly and review your form when doing it), etc. 

Clean Technology

As the years go by, we become more conscious of the environment in some respect. That is why expect a slew of smart home devices in 2022 that will reduce the environmental hazards through a significant decrease in energy consumption and manufactured out of environment-friendly/safe components. Also, don’t be surprised if the ergonomics of the device went through more changes to make it efficient enough to save spaces. 2022 will be more promising for clean technology to be further used by smart home manufacturers because the cost of such resources is becoming cheaper than ever before. 


Smart home devices have gained a fair amount of manufacturers, giving homeowners the option to equip their homes. And because many companies are competing for user attention, there is going to be a much faster rate of innovation in the technology. One such innovation that will be in demand for smart home devices in 2022 will be that of customisation. Devices in 2022 will hold deep customisation options, from choosing the right movement for your security camera to the exact degree of temperature in the shower of your preference. 

Why The Smart Hive?

The year 2022 will most likely deliver big time for smart home devices, as the past and current trends are favourable for such development. Because of this, and due to the growing interest in smart homes, the value for such property will be on the rise. So it is the best time to invest and make your home a smart home. The Smart Hive is your ideal partner to make such a change to your home with the least amount of effort expected from your side. 

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