How many of us can say that we were able to recreate our grandmother’s recipe as closely as possible? Not many of us. This is because cooking is not as simple as it seems. Cooking food might be easier but, cooking food that tastes good is very hard. Whether it is creamy butternut squash lasagna, chilli con Carne or even if it is a simple southern fried chicken. Everything needs a significant amount of your time and effort to do at least a minimum justice to the recipe. 

Another two elements that go into recreating a recipe are the control and precision you can impart. Even creativity can have its place when everything else is on the right track. 

Smart home with smart cooking devices is the best solution to all these problems. Because with the smart devices, the kitchen fixtures such as fridges and ovens get an upgrade in their technological capabilities. This ensures that you are not only able to cook with absolute control and precision but also frees you of your schedule of just waiting and staring at your cooking. Following are the experts’ handpicked top kitchen smart home appliances in no particular order. 

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

This one is a must-have in any smart kitchen, even though the price tag is on a little higher end. But Samsung totally justifies it with this Family Hub refrigerator’s whole set of functionality. For starters, there is a 21.5-inch smart screen on its door. This display will help you connect with your family, watch tv while cooking and check on recipes for each step of your cooking process. With the aid of the sensory cameras inside, the smart display will let you know the contents inside your refrigerator and make suggestions of recipes for your cooking. Aside from that, you can listen to your music playlist from Spotify so that you can juggle and dance while you saute your onions. 

You can control the fridge through the touch screen or initialise functionalities through voice commands, as it is compatible with Alexa. But what makes this refrigerator truly worth buying is that it can be used as the hub through which you can command all other smart devices of your home. 

June Oven

Speaking of appliances that are worth every penny, June Oven is a close second to Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator. This oven is a fusion of various other cooking appliances such as toaster, broiler, air fryer, slow cooker, dehydrator and warming drawer. Because of its multiple functionalities, it can eliminate multiple other appliances and save you some bucks. And it is also easy to install. 

The Carbon fibre feature of the oven helps you preheat the oven three times faster than regular ovens. And the HD camera built-in in the oven lets you keep an eye on your food all the time. The oven also suggests the optimum temperature for all the food that you place inside the oven. The oven also comes with pre-set recipe feature that will help you cook around 200 different types of food. You can control June Oven through the android touch screen or through the voice commands

GE Profile Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker

There will you times when you run out of ice for your guest and be forced to go to your neighbours. This happens more times than you like. But with GE Profile Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker, you can put a stop to this. Because making crystal clear ice will become an instantaneous process. Opal 2.0 can create its first batch in a mere 20 minutes, and considering the 48 ounces capacity, it can help you with a pound of ice per hour. These ice can are crunchable, chewable and retain flavour in contrast to the traditional hard ice cubes. 

The Opal 2.0 creates refreshing ice nuggets from ice flakes compacted, making them perfect for beverages like soda and cocktails. Thanks to its intelligent programming, the machine also makes sure that there are no leaks or clumping. Also, the self-cleaning feature avoids any effort from you for cleaning, and the UV light built-in ensures all the bacteria is killed. Opal 2.0 also has the touch screen and voice command feature to enforce control, keeping up all the other devices on the list.

U by Moen Smart Faucet

A faucet is the most underrated equipment in your kitchen. But without them, you just be stunned out of your cooking work. It is underrated because of its simple function despite its importance. Enter, U by Moen Smart Faucet, which will make your faucet smoothing fantastic. This faucet will activate the water flow with a wave of your hand over the sensor. It can also be controlled through voice commands using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. What makes this faucet special from other smart faucets is that you can also control the temperature of your water along with its exact quantity with your voice commands. For example, you can ask for 25.7 ounces of cold water to be filled. 

AeroGarden Bounty Elite

Old-timers always tell you that fresh homegrown herbs are better than the neatly packed store brought one. Unfortunately, most of you won’t know how good it is until you try. But growing herbs in your house can be a messy and demanding task, more so for a beginner. This was what AeroGarden Bounty Elite was made for, to have a clean process of growing herbs that is beginner-friendly. This indoor harvest pot makes the growing the herbs process really easy. AeroGarden allows your herbs to grow upto 12-inches, and that too with upto six different herbs at the same time. You can grow parsley, basil, thyme and mint in your kitchen with very little effort. AeroGarden will instruct you when to add water and food. It grows your herb five times faster than the regular method. This is because of the LED, which maximizes the plants’ photosynthesis. 

Why Smart Hive?

When all things are said and done, a smart kitchen makes more sense to start your move into the smart home than any other way. With a few upgrades in appliances like the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, June Oven etc., Voila! You have made your house into a smart home. Not only that, but you can also accomplish your grandmother’s recipe as closely as you can. This is because of the control and precision that a smart kitchen offers. 

If you have any more questions or are still a bit confused, “The Smart Hive” has been helping homeowners and builders ensure convenience and efficiency for their smart home with the right daily smart products. 

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