When it comes to adding smart technologies or technology in general, your bathroom may not be your first pink. But it is jarring that is not the case. Homeowners overlook bathrooms as a place for smart devices despite being one of the important rooms in the house. Try and remember when was the last time you didn’t wish to hear music when you were showering or for your bathroom to encapsulate the warmth of onsen (Japanese hot spring bathhouses). These wishes can be a reality through smart devices. Likewise, there are so many areas where you can add smart home devices in your bathroom to heighten your experience in a bathroom. 

With these expectations in mind, smart home manufacturers have hit the market with smart devices that cater to multiple bathroom areas. The CES 2022 has provided a glimpse of what the future holds for bathroom technology in smart homes with the unveiling of smart bathroom gadgets like Kohler PerfectFill. The smart devices in the market right now offer sustainability like reducing wastage and improving health along with their convenience feature. As the ball rolls in that direction, this article has compiled the top smart bathroom devices that you can install in your home right now for getting you the look and feel of a cyberpunk 2077 inspired spa. However, keep in mind that the following list is in no particular order. 

Kohler Moxie Showerhead

We all are fans of music. It is a transcendental medium of art. Some might even identify it as a religion. Either way, we can not live without music. Whether walking, working, cooking or in the bathroom, we need our music. It is one of the driving forces of mundane life. That being said, hearing music while showering was always a little far out of reach. But with Kohler Moxie Showerhead, this has become effortless. On the pivot of this showerhead is the speaker for filling your bath with music. This obviously waterproof showerhead can be installed with or without the wall arm. Moxie showerheads are easy to install, Bluetooth-supported and come in four varying colours. These easy to install showerhead packs about seven hours of audio playback in their built-in rechargeable battery. 

Kohler Numi 2.0 toilet

Another smart device from Kohler makes a list. Kohler seems to be the brand to have with its upcoming PerfectFill and previous Moxie showerhead. It is the prime player when it comes to smart home technology for bathrooms. Numi 2.0 toilet from Kohler does not disappoint either. It does everything you expect a smart toilet to do. You only need to worry about the actual bodily function; everything else Numi 2.0 toilet takes care with its smart technology. Some of the features of the Numi 2.0 toilet are the ambient lighting, warm water cleansing option, heated seating, air refreshing and automatic flush etc. It can be effortlessly controlled by Amazon Alexa, which are making them the most desirable of the other smart toilets.

Philips Hue Adore Bathroom Mirror

Studies have come out indicating the benefits of chromotherapy, i.e. therapy using coloured lights during showers or baths. According to the study, the coloured visible spectrum heals the physical, spiritual, and mental energy. This is why this smart appliance is very impressive. Philips Hue went double or nothing with its Adore bathroom mirror. The circular light stationed around the tail end of its chrome body illuminates all the directions. This creates the perfect effect or ambience for a better experience. Also, the dimming and eye comfort features enable suitable lighting for all of your moments. Furthermore, these smart mirrors have an IP44 rating citing it invulnerable against water splashes. 

Privacy Glass by Switch Glass

Privacy glasses for your bathroom doors or windows are part glamour and part utility. Switch Glasses offer privacy glasses for your bathroom that is adjustable between opacity and transparency. This can be useful if you want to monitor children or know what is happening outside. Even when adjusted to opacity, it does let in natural light. This you can capitalise to save energy and ensure your health. These glasses are more hygienic than regular bathroom curtains. And the cherry on the top is that you can control Switch Glass through voice commands.

Screed Mat by FKH heating systems

Heating bathroom floors make life much easier during the cold, harsh winter months. One has to really experience it to really appreciate it. But don’t worry about where to start for heating your bathroom floors, as it is much more efficient with Screed Mat by FKH heating systems. These nylon mats are made up of twin in-screed floor heating wires pre-fastened with tape strips, which is ideal for fixing on the clean substrate. With the Screed Mats, the installation time is less, and it does not require cables, steel mesh or floor fixing. Also, due to its efficient manufacturing, you will not have to worry about hot or cold spots on your floor.

Pani Smart Water Monitor

Pani hits the market with the slogan “every drop counts”. Unlike many other brands, Pani delivers what they preach, especially with their Smart Water Monitor. These water monitors track your water usage and let you view the real-time report on your smartphone. The easy installation feature is another enticing feature of this water monitoring system. Although these monitors are great for tracking your water usage in every room, they are critical in monitoring your water in the bathroom. Aside from helping you monitor your water consumption, it also provides helpful tips to reach your water-saving goals. 

Why The Smart Hive?

It is pretty clear that smart devices in bathrooms make perfect sense. And with its growing popularity, more Smart homes will soon have an equal number of smart devices in bathrooms as there are in any other room. So it is smart (no pun intended) to equip your bathroom with smart devices right now. You can use the above recommendations as a starting point, but they are by no means the extent of what your smart bathroom can be. 

If you have any more questions or are still a bit confused, “The Smart Hive” has been helping homeowners and builders ensure convenience and efficiency for their smart home with the right daily smart products. 

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