Post-covid survey done by Beachbody highlights that 85% of people feel that working out at their own home is more accessible and convenient than going to the GYM. This means  they will plan to continue home workouts in some fashion. And it is a known fact that people who developed a habit of working out at their homes are more likely to do it daily. Such a commitment to working out would need necessary home workout equipment to make your fitness goals a reality. The rise of the home workout culture has made many manufacturers infuse smart technology into the workout machine, so your home iron paradise is smart aside from being heavy.

An archetypal home workout equipment should atleast save space and enable the workout to be versatile. To address this, smart home fitness equipment offers the possibility of home coaching, a gym that fits in a small space, and tactical working out with the help of the latest technology. Also, smart home fitness equipment will have the option to stream training virtually and interact with other users and trainers for guidance and motivation. This article will look at fitness equipment, from smart mirrors to inventing boxing equipment like the fight camp that is most effective and well advanced as of the year 2022.

*Disclaimer: The following list is in no particular order. They are all the top equipment in their respective categories. 

The Mirror by Lululemon

It was not practical to substitute working out at a GYM to working out at home before. This was because even though you could substitute the many GYM equipments with a versatile home fitness machine, customised coaching would be missing. But with The Mirror by Lululemon, coaching is no longer an issue. The Mirror is a smart fitness display screen that looks just like a mirror. You can install these display screens in the flat wall of your designated workout area. With The Mirror, you can stream your workout for others to see or use it as the portal to connect with fitness coaches and trainers live. You can choose from the various workout of more than fifty genres, with each session lasting from 5 to 60 minutes. The various genres of workout The Mirror offers are yoga, strength training, weight training, boxing, etc.

Aside from getting the benefits of the endless archive of training demonstrations, you can get real-time feedback sessions from the coaches and trainers and get a live one-to-one session with them to correct your form, optimise your routine and discuss the best possible way to reach your fitness goal. The Mirror can sync with Bluetooth-supported monitors to check heart rate and includes speakers and headphones. 

NordicTrack 2950 Commercial Treadmill

Treadmills are one of the most sought-after home workout equipment. Top trainers also recommend it to many of their clients who prefer working out at home. NordicTrack 2950 Commercial Treadmill is among many trainers’ top recommendations of treadmills. Even when hitting your NordicTrack 2950 at home, you can get advice from your trainers and connect with them using the iFit tech feature. The incline and decline capacity are the other features that make this treadmill pick up. The incline can easily go up to 15%, and the decline can go down to -3% for rolling hill simulation. NordicTrack 2450 also comes with a 22-inch HD touchscreen, built-in fan, easy incline control, and one month free iFit private training membership for one-to-one coaching with top trainers. 

Peloton Bike+ 

Don’t judge the apple tree with a single apple; sometimes, the apple will fall far from the tree. Peloton Bike+ is great but not without issues. All of the early delivery of the bikes had a part missing. The bike made a clicking noise in its absence. Also, there are some screen issues and syncing issues mentioned by its users. Fortunately, with Peloton’s one-year warranty, everything can be fixed and replaced without any hidden charge. Away from all these smokes and mirrors, Peloton Bike+ is the best in the market when it comes to fitness bikes. It is easy to set up, has an auto-follow resistance adjustment system, has an easy rotate screen for comfortable viewing, good pairing with apple watch, and the speaker system is really impressive. When the bike did not have any previously mentioned issues, it justifies the hefty price tag as well with its capabilities.


Whether your goal is fitness or to learn the sweet science of boxing, this entry is the best bang for the buck. FightCamp is a smart free-standing boxing bag that makes your boxing better if you are already somewhat aware of it and the best fit for amateurs to start the journey. Beyond the free-standing punching bag, FightCamp includes a working-out mat, quick wraps, boxing gloves, and bag rings. The gloves especially are one of the smartest features of the whole system. The sensors in the gloves marks how hard you hit, your punch speed, and your punch count. 

FightCamp records technique, speed, and intensity to track your performance compared to the other users. The system does not come with a smart TV. When you connect FightCamp to a TV or a tablet, you can get access to training classes from real-life boxers. You will also be guided in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) by professionals. The only actual downside is that it only works in iOS operating systems as of now. 

Why Smart Hive?

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