Science fiction and our expectation of an advanced future have led us to imagine a future where cars can fly and gadgets are interconnected to abilitate us, a smooth and convenient life. Flying cars might not be a reality as of yet, but a smart home in which devices are interconnected that is accessed through a single app is a definite reality. IoT or the Internet Of Things, which is a network of physical devices that are connected with software, sensors, and other technologies to share and transfer data, has made the smart homes a reality today.

Home automation is a leap in the right direction of a smart lifestyle. Smarts homes do not simply mean connecting your computers and smartphones or just controlling the lights and managing the room temperature settings through your smartphone. It is all of that and much more. 

Smart home automation is designed to save your time from mundane movements and let you focus on things that really matter. Over the recent years, we are witnessing more and more technology leaders such as Amazon, Google, etc., cashing in on smart homes and bringing you the technology that lets you control your devices from where you sit and automate to do tasks. With several manufacturers of smart appliances in the market, it might be difficult for you to choose the right brand for your home. From Amazon to Vivint, here are four brands and their smart home devices that might best suit your needs. Note that the following brands and devices are picked one per category to give you an all-around impression. While we have picked these four to discuss today, this is not an exhaustive list! 

Amazon Echo – Your own personal assistant

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that uses Amazon Alexa, a virtual AI assistant developed by Amazon, to make calls, play music, set alarms and timers, and access other smart home devices when commanded. The speaker is voice-controlled to assist all your needs. Echo hears you from any direction, even while playing music. The sound quality is best in the class, capable of playing crisp vocals and dynamic bass response with Dolby processing at ease. You can connect with others who are equipped with Alexa through calls or text messages. You can even make Skype calls using Echo. News, weather, calendar, and traffic report can be attained through Echo. Amazon provides regular updates increasing the functional capabilities of Alexa. 

Philips Hue Bulbs and Lighting System – Lights to set the mood

It is a scientifically known fact that colours and lighting impact our mindset and mood. So a smart lighting system that not only tunes your mood but subsequently your well-being seems a no-brainer. Philips Hue bulbs and lighting systems are the best lighting setup in the market that allow you to control light and ambience wirelessly. Philips Hue can be paired with Amazon Echo, making both of these smart devices complementary to each other. Hue can schedule lighting change and dim lighting as per your want. These varied light settings can be set to help you wake up or add a whole other effect to the way you enjoy your music and movies. 

iRobot Roomba s9+ – A true hands-free cleaning experience

Roomba s9+ is a powerful automatic vacuum cleaner from iRobot. It has powerful suction with a highly efficient filter that traps mould, pollen, and dust mite allergens. Roomba s9+ works well on carpets and hardwood floors. With Roomba s9+, you enjoy hands-free control using Alexa or Google assistant. Further, it has smart navigation, patented dirt detect technology, auto-adjust cleaning head with a specifically designed corner brush for deep cleaning the corners and edges, and it also comes with automatically recharge and resumable capability. 

Vivint Smart Home – for 24/7 Home Monitoring

Most home security systems are not easy to use, and because they are not easy to use, you won’t bother using them. Vivint presents an easy-to-use smart home security system that is more than competent to keep your home safe. You can connect Vivint’s security and automation products like locks, cameras, lights, and thermostats using an app on your smartphone, PC, and a 7-inch touch screen control panel. Vivint smart home security systems work seamlessly with smart AI assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. Vivint smart home security might be a little higher on the price tag, but its efficiency and convenience make it the best buy. 


As our expectation of an advanced future where our gadgets are interconnected is possible, be ahead of the race by ensure your home is future-ready. From smart lighting to smart monitoring systems, big brands are bringing in the best smart home devices to make that technology-infused lifestyle a reality. The Smart Hive has been helping buyers and builders leverage smart home technology, with seamless integration of these smart home devices. 

Builders, equip your display homes with the best of these options. and witness a shorter sales cycle, more buyers, increased property value and greater customer satisfaction.

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