Digital Marketing Manager

Prashanth(Shan) Ravi leads the Digital Marketing at The Smart Hive. Shan holds a B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, Combining his quantitative education with a creative approach to online marketing, he helps to craft unique marketing strategies for clients and ensure that they are best positioned for success. Shan is passionate about helping businesses maximize their web presence and use the power of the Internet to generate leads, grow revenue, and brand exposure. Shan is keen on utilizing the latest technologies and digital methods to deliver results by using tactics such as SEO, Social Media, PR & Events.

At The Smart Hive, Shan works closely with the clients to understand their business requirements and offers them tailored solutions for smart home automation. With his business acumen, he strives to leverage the customer’s experience for greater revenue growth of a business. Prior to working at The Smart Hive, Shan oversaw web and database development. Away from work, Shan loves to travel, enjoy music and binge-watch series.

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