Hello there! This is Hiren Parmar.

Lately I have become obsessed about smart home automation and my entrepreneurial mindset blown away when I realised the fact that I can change, how people are living!

I want to share my passion and certainty with you, in the evolution of the home automation market in Australia.

My business partner Ryan and I once shared the idea of making our “dumb” home a Smart one! Now we’re sharing the same dream to make “Every Home” a Smart Home!

With a rapidly changing world, our philosophy is to create solutions that are agile and sustainable for everyone’s home.

Instead of building an entire home automation which requires a big budget, we are using our smart home solution to simplify the process.

Builders and buyers will be able to set up their smart home solutions in a simple, cost effective, convenient and flexible way.

I have developed exceptional communication and management skills in my professional life which when applied, ensures The Smart Hive obligations and commitments align to meeting customer expectations and agreed deadlines driving excellent results.

Reading books has also become part of my daily ritual with a regular mindfulness practise schedule throughout the week to enable me to maintain a clear mind and focused at the top of my game!

On weekends you will find me spending time with my family at home or filming my daughter cooking and helping her with a YouTube Channel she has created, or motivating her during swimming, gymnastics and dance classes.

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