When a homeowner chooses to fuse home automation post-construction, or if a family decides that they need to change their current home into a smart home, at that point retrofitting is undoubtedly the way to go.

A home automation framework can benefit by using a centralized handling unit to communicate with every one of the sensors and gadgets and your property’s interfaces. These home centres work with your neighbourhood (LAN) for a retrofit arrangement and control all gadgets in the home.

Various gadgets can be set up to add an insightful layer to your current home appliances and fittings. A typical method of doing this is to use smart regulators and switches around the house. 

You can control things like raising and bringing blinds down to adjust light levels. Some UIs empower these units to be utilised cooperatively to make ‘entire room’ changes (for example, a ‘film mode’ with shut blinds and decreased lighting) at one touch on the app. 

What is retrofitting? 

Retrofitting innovation is a practical alternative on the off chance that you have moved into a constructed home. Numerous arrangements workaround every electronic gadget around your house to profit from the multitude of the ‘smarts’ of current living. 

Retrofitting is the idea of upgrading existing home-style layouts by adding innovations to them. It is monetarily doable and an eco-friendly approach based on ‘reduce, reuse and recycle.’ Smart home retrofit arrangements set a limit for electronic waste by reusing non-biodegradable parts, for example, semiconductors, chips, metal segments, and plastics. 

Retrofitting arrangements retain the original framework you are comfortable and familiar with while also upgrading your appliances to increase their proficiency. 

It might be ideal for you to retrofit your home as it mechanises the chores and keeps your house secure. While going out, you may get suspicious that you’ve left the oven or water running. In such cases, you can control the devices using a dedicated app on your cell phone regardless of how far you are from your home and turn them off instantly. It is an excellent and helpful way of life. 

Advantages of retrofitting smart home technology

  • Comfort 

Custom or bespoke smart home automation solutions allow you to control everything from entertainment and media to lighting, temperature, music, security, and that’s just the beginning. The control can be through exquisite keypads or touch panels, remotes, smartphones or tablets, hands-free voice control, sensor-based tasks, and much more.

  • Distant Access 

Control your home from anyplace on the planet through the web, utilising your smart gadgets. You can check your gadgets’ status just as you control it, subsequently giving you complete portability. 

  • Sound Living 

Smart devices can make your living more comfortable with temperature control, purified air and water, energy conservation and utilisation of economic gadgets, and security that gives you genuine feelings of serenity and less tension. 

  • One-Touch or Voice Control 

A dedicated Android or iOS app gives you one-touch smart home control. With voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Home, it’s simpler than any time in recent memory. 

  • Scene Settings 

Be it home theatre experience, party experience, or prayer time, smart homes will assist you without any hassles. You can change scenes and settings depending on your mood. 

  • Scheduled Operations 

You can have the lighting as you schedule it. The outside lighting will turn ON/OFF. With the high-level sensors, it can progressively change the lighting. You can set the ideal lighting as required. When you wake up, the sensors will simulate a scene that will wake the whole house. Smart devices, for example, window blinds, can make your life much more straightforward. Mechanised window blinds, garage doors, and lights eliminate the need for manually turning them on and off. It is a brilliant innovation, especially for disabled individuals or the old. 

  • Home Appliances 

Make your home appliances like tv, microwave oven, washing machine, coffee machine, kettle, table fan/lamp, socket control, and other electrical gadgets like a home automation component to turn it on/off from anyplace. 

  • Surveillance Control

The Video Surveillance System permits you to have a watch as you want. The automation can send you SMS/Alarms/Push Notifications and can save you from unwanted visitors. 

  • Water and Garden Control 

You can handle the temperature and channels on outside pools and spas. You can save water as you can turn on the sprinkler framework when you are away, based on the scheduled time or depending on your needs. 

How can we help?

Being a bespoke solution provider for smart home automation, we team up with your designer and utilise their insight to ensure that rooms like your home venue are worked in light of acoustics and the ideal measurements for a survey. This will likewise guarantee that dangerous things like windows and entryways are put in the correct positions.

While retrofitting, there would be no rewiring, and all installations will be carried out by highly trained professionals. We ensure that all fittings are compatible with your existing devices or appliances. We also ensure (just as we work on our fresh projects) that the smart devices and automation syncs up with your physical switches as well. So, not to worry about the elderly in the house who may still want to operate the conventional way! We ensure it works for all!

And you can start small, with a room or two, and then scale it up when you feel like it. The systems we use are premium quality, and there is pretty much no recurring cost involved. On the other side, you will be moving to a more affordable living and saving energy in the long run. 

In a nutshell

Recent developments in the tech industry have brought about a wave of people wanting to add smart home retrofit ideas to their ways of life. Moreover, IoT and computerisation companies present practical and latest gadgets connected with the current devices and seamlessly blend into existing home layouts. 

Numerous people are moving towards a retrofit family unit. It enhances day-to-day life. The idea of reusing existing gadgets additionally helps in reducing our carbon footprint. 

Retrofitting is the answer to productive, advanced, and monetarily reasonable changes in your home.

If you are a builder reading this article, this is a significant value-add to offer your existing customers. We can be your strategic home automation partner, help you reach out to them and offer this service; help them step into the future!

If you are an existing homeowner looking to upgrade, look no further. We can help you upgrade and get your home future-ready with customised solutions. As mentioned above, we will work with you and get it done!

Chat with us for further insights on this. We are just a call away. 

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