As with any new technology, there are always apprehensions, further fuelled by misconceptions. Smart Home Automation technology is not different. A growing trend that has picked a quicker pace over the last few years, with more and more people adopting the technology. 

For those who have been following our blogs over the months – you know the 101 on it and the benefits it has on offer for homeowners and builders alike. It is all about being future-ready – a lifestyle that is convenient, comfortable, secure and definitely luxurious. A home that the residents can interact with, control and access from anywhere, anytime – all through a single app! Too good to be true? Well, that’s probably why have those myths floating around. 

Today, we are going to help clarify some of these for you on this page. And if you have any further questions, call us for a chat anytime!

Myth: Smart Home Automation is too expensive

The most common misconception about a smart home is that it burns a hole in the pocket. 

Fact: Automating a smart home isn’t investing all your lifetime savings at once. Smart home products like smart doorbells, smart switches, smart lighting, sensors, voice assistants etc., are reasonably priced. In fact, you can also try a demo kit with the necessary products to get a dip into the smart world. It would be relevant also to mention here that smart home automation is intended to drive energy and cost-efficiency. In the long run, utility bills come in less. 

Myth: Smart home automation is too technical

It is a common myth that one must be a techie to operate smart devices or configure them.

Fact: Homeowners don’t have to be tech-savvy to live in a smart home. Installing it with the help of a reliable service provider makes the daunting task simple and easy. Seeking out a smart home automation expert like The Smart Hive will allow you to get this done. Stay connected to your home with a tap on the screen! We will show you how. 

Myth: Smart homes can get hacked easily

Security and privacy are hot topics when it comes to integrating technology into any aspect of your life. Always. But it needn’t be a concern. 

Fact: People believe that privacy and data control is a major concern in smart homes, but if handled carefully, there’s no reason not to feel safe and secured in the smart home. To understand more about this topic, do read our blog on privacy concerns. It would help clarify!  

Myth: Smart devices are hard to operate

Borders on what we have spoken about in the earlier para. It is a general belief that smart home integration will make everything hard to operate in the home. Especially if you have children and the elderly in the house.  

Fact: Unlike the belief, smart home products are programmable and straightforward devices. Smart home appliances are intuitive and straightforward to use. If you can use a smartphone, then you can handle any smart home device with ease! The tricky part is picking the right set of products needed for a particular property, configuring it and customising it. You have smart home automation experts who can get this job done – including setting up every scenario you want to be played out at home. Further, these professionals can help you have it all set up in such a way that the devices can be operated both the ‘smart’ way or the conventional way!

Myth: They consume more energy

Here’s another smart home myth that holds back the homeowner from choosing smart home automation. It causes enough apprehensions in home developers too.

Fact: On the contrary, smart appliances are designed to take care of overall home power consumption management. They are intended to make everything energy-efficient and thus consume less power than conventional gadgets. And as mentioned above, it is an investment that ensures energy and thereby cost-savings in the long run.

Myth: Smart Home Installation requires a complete home-makeover

Fact: If this myth is stopping you from changing your existing home into a Smart Home, time to get a reality check! No renovation or makeover is required to get Smart Home technology. In fact, you can upgrade with retrofit solutions. Home automation service providers like The Smart Hive can help you plan a phased upgrade as is comfortable for you and get the job done with absolute minimal structural changes. 

Last but not least.

Myth: Smart Home Automation is for bigger homes

This is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about smart/connected/integrated homes. 

Fact: Smart Home Technology is an option for homeowners of every kind. Your home size doesn’t matter. Irrespective of the size and shape/ layout of the home, you can build the smart home experience. This requires an expert to step in, understand the layout and give you the best ‘smart plan’ for your property. Seasoned professionals in this segment offer bespoke smart solutions. Installing smart home devices and upgrading to a smart lifestyle is the best way to look at the future and set a standard for the next generations!

If you are an existing homeowner looking to upgrade with retrofitting or a new home buyer, look for display homes that feature smart home technology. You will get a glimpse of what your life could be like living in a smart home!

If you are a builder reading this, as someone who is introducing the concept of smart home technology to your prospects and equipping your properties for the future, it is essential to know these myths from facts. This, right here, is what can deliver that premium tag to your brand. Do write to us or call us for any clarifications you may need on the topic!

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