Have you heard of the Five-Second Rule? It applies to your Display Home!

The rule indicates that a first impression is formed in the first five seconds, and it is a point of no return then on, as the ‘judging’ has already begun.

We are not going to keep it literal here and keep our focus, for the purpose of discussion, on first impressions and the role of display homes in helping you close a deal.

What do you wish to achieve through your display home? 

Do ask yourself this question, keeping in mind the tech-savvy world we live in today. 

Show Houses or Display Homes are an age-old concept, and the intent remains to showcase the value proposition as tangible as possible – for the buyer to get a ‘feel’ of the property and what his life there could be like in the future. 

Display homes have been a part of the market since the 1940s when they were first used to feature the rise of new home appliances and how the modern family sought to live. 

Today display homes are exceptionally detailed and intended as a powerful tool to enable sales. There has been a significant hop in CGI pictures and virtual tours, apart from the actual ‘showcase’ property. 

Technology cannot make up for the capacity to see, touch, and experience genuineness, showing what the builder wants to convey. This stands especially true for smart features that you may want to showcase – ‘cause this is all about the ‘experience’.  A display condo or home will at any point do this, and know that there is so much information available online when buyers do get their first hands-on experience. It should make for a satisfying encounter. 

Display Homes can power up your sales. By making that much-needed connect with your prospect.

Display homes are, in many ways, expected to play with the prospect’s emotions. As he/she/they walk in, they should picture themselves living in the home, with their family – a picture-perfect life. It is meant to trigger that ‘this is what I have always wanted’ feeling in the prospect. 

The display home needs to deliver an ‘experience’. 

How can you attract more buyers, sell better, sell faster? 

By showcasing a display home that will address every pain point, dream and expectation of your new-age buyer. By giving the buyer a unique experience of his/her/their future. And as mentioned above, making that first impression really count. 

Display homes should use the best materials, assets and technology, to feature your best abilities and offerings as a builder. They play an essential role in initiating the right conversation with the buyers. And make that sale.

To make that sale come through, your display home should mirror the character of the buyers you are targeting. More importantly, it should show its usefulness and ease of use to guarantee that the buyer can genuinely take advantage of the features on offer, including the territory, not merely the house that sits on it. 

It’s also essential to remember that this isn’t only a fantasy, but that one has to live in this house, and it should oblige the residents, their family, and their way of life for a long time. Exploring a display home should make one’s thoughts spring up and give them a feeling of what life may resemble in their new house. 

Here’s our take on an ideal display home in our times…

Right atop the things to showcase, in terms of value addition, should be smart home technology. Smart, integrated homes are the future. We have seen through the trends across the globe and at the homefront here in Australia that validate this. There is clarity on buyer expectations today. 

Influence a buyers’ decision – showcase smart properties that are future-ready

Let your display homes do the talking. Showcase a home that is equipped with best-in-class smart home technology. Give your buyers a holistic and realistic glimpse into a smart lifestyle they can experience!

From voice assistants, smart security monitoring systems, smart switches and controls to smart lighting, sensors and more…showcase multiple scenarios that can become a part of the prospects’ lifestyle. 

Nothing can quite work like ‘feeling it’! Let you buyers walk through the home and get a sense of these scenarios for effect – try dimming the lights..why don’t you walk out the door and see it get latched on its own in 2 minutes?…give the voice assistant a command to change the temperature setting… options aplenty… get creative!

Your prospect would not just check out the property for what it is, he/she/they will also be able to visualise life in the property, with all the conveniences, comfort and security that smart home technology can offer, alongside other catalogue features. 

Buyers should experience the comfort they desire or perhaps are even unaware of at the point!

You have the opportunity to be that builder who introduces prospects to their future – a lifestyle that promises convenience, luxury, a unique experience, perfect ambience and a peaceful state of mind. Always remember the buyers’ viewpoint. Address their pain points, and go a step beyond to showcase a new possibility, a life that, until they walked in, could have been only a fantasy! That’s the way to capture the attention. 

Closing the deal…

Showcase/ Display home is the means to the end – a deal. There is no ambiguity there. It is the big halt-over on the road to the destination.  

There is little uncertainty that buyers respond to set up display homes perfectly. The standards for display homes have gone higher than ever, and thus it is significant that buyers are locked in with the idea of living in a house similar to the display home for a long time. 

The buyer’s involvement with a display home is completely based around a sensation of expectation, enthusiasm, and interest and ideally a significant degree of inspiration. 

These homes are created to give clients a thought of what their home plan will resemble upon finish. Buyers get an opportunity basically to head into the home, look at the aspects of convenience, comfort, security, luxury…from the beautification to location, room measurements, and where needed, they can request changes to be made to meet their personal requirements. 

In simpler terms, before a client falls head over heels in love for a specific plan, they need to feel a connection that fulfils their life dreams of owning a home. An engaging, interactive, smart display home goes a long way in accomplishing this.

As home builders, what will be very critical here is picking the right smart home automation partners to help you build-up this effect and get that sales register ringing, and fast. You need reliable experts in this field, to help turn your ideas into reality with bespoke smart solutions, ensure the operations are smooth, making sure that your investment in the display home is worthwhile. And ensure it delivers the desired ROI. Chat with us for further insights on this. We are just a call away. 

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