Display home. That one chance at creating the right first impression. 

It is how the buyer gets that ‘first-hand’ feel of the property. A glimpse into his/her/their future. 

If you want to sell more, sell faster and get the best price in, then staging or showcasing a smashing display home is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to make that happen. Getting your display home right means your buyers see the property in its best possible light. And truly showcase the width of opportunities that the property has on offer. 

So, a clearly important tool in the entire process, no doubt?

Now, here’s a question for you: How well are you capitalising on this? 

Display home, as a concept, needs no introduction for sure. But perhaps it is time to revisit, reimagine and reboot your approach a tad to keep up with the times and trends! Your buyer is now from a ‘new age’ with precise demands and outlook on lifestyle. Do read our blog if you haven’t already, on how you can attract the ‘new age’ buyer. As a premium builder.

Let’s take a step back…

Why display homes?

Here are some stats to put things in perspective. 

A survey of real estate agents had 74 per cent of respondents confirming that buyers know what they want even before they get started. They look for this in the display or staging homes. Over 40% said that a display home affected the buyer’s final decision. 83 % observed that a display home makes it easier for the buyer to better visualise the property as his/her/their future home. 

With regards to exhibiting your abilities and what you have to bring to the table, as a rule, to impact the purchasing choices of expected customers, it is simply sensible to put your best foot forward. This implies flaunting the best items you have marked down to persuade imminent purchasers that you have what they are looking for. 

Showcase homes are worked to taste, stylish outfitting, multifaceted kitchen plans, first-rate engineering, floor covers, and amazing arranging including smart home devices, all to draw in a large target audience. 

Show homes are alluring choices with regards to property ventures, as they are situated in the best regions with the best offices. Outfitting and styling a presentation home such that it shows the best that you offer to the buyers interested in smart homes. It is a similar guideline that writers use when putting such a huge amount into their book covers, or film creators into the trailers. Before somebody chooses to purchase your item, you must stand out enough to be noticed and get onto their shopping list. Agreed?

For certain developers, showing home furnishings and styling a showcase home is only an after-thought. However, experts have reported that a home buyer’s estimation of a house can be intensely affected by how it is introduced. We cannot agree more. What you showcase in your display matters. You need to show what your buyers are looking for. Or rather, show your buyers how you can change their lifestyle. Show them the future. 

Now, with key insights on the market trends, on the rising demand for smart home automation, across the globe, and here in Australia – it becomes very critical for this too to be showcased in a display home. Not as an afterthought. But as the primary strategy. We know for a fact the impact that can deliver – from the first impression to the boost in property value. 

We all know that half the battle is won by getting the buyer indoors, right? It is just sensible to pay attention to what you showcase, and the buyer ‘sees’ when they step into that display home! Got to make sure we have what is being looked for, and go one step beyond to truly capture attention. 

Let’s dive a tad deeper to understand how you can reimagine your display homes, with smart home automation, and recapture attention…and appeal to the buyers of today. 

The new need – Smart Display Homes!

What are your buyers looking for?

A home that promises convenience, luxury, a unique experience, perfect ambience and peaceful state of mind.

How can you sell more, better?

Introduce your buyers to future-ready smart homes! 

Harness the power of smart home technology – showcase to your buyer a holistic glimpse of a smart lifestyle. 

How can you do this? 

Get your display homes equipped with smart home solutions, to give your buyers a peek into their smart future. 

By doing so, you are merely reacting to the rising need. You are answering the new need. 

Potential buyers always want to see the whole package, right? Show them a package that includes smart solutions – smart lighting, smart security systems, smart monitors, smart locks, smart switches, smart cleaners, smart sensors…the works! 

You need to provide them with a vision of what their lifestyle could be. When your display home facilitates this, it has then served its purpose. And we are speaking of today. In this new-normal. Now, if you are not proactive enough, or willing to provide this vision of a smart lifestyle to that prospect standing in your display home, trust us, someone’s going to be doing it down the block. And your buyer’s going to that way. 

Integrated homes are the future. Which means, showcasing smart display home is the future of selling a property! This is not a trend or fad that is going to fade away. This is here is to stay. This is the future. 

So! It is about time you revisited this age-old concept of staging or display homes, to see how you can really capitalise on that opportunity with your prospect. Remember, putting out display homes with smart solutions is going to push your brand beyond the ‘premium’ image. A reinfoced brand identit

We can help. 

We can help you by assessing your display home (for free!), creating a smart plan, installing the devices that would capture your buyers’ attention, and ensure that every visit turns into a sale! 

Our vision, at The Smart Hive, is to make every home a smart home. We bring together world-class smart devices, integrate and customise it all, to deliver an elevated lifestyle and unique experience to its residents, lifelong. We wish for every builder to showcase ‘Smart Home Automation’ as a feature on their catalogue!

We can help you showcase a display home that is future-ready with best-in-class technology while being cost & energy-efficient for your buyer. We can help you incorporate the best, bespoke smart solutions

in your display homes to provide a holistic and realistic glimpse of the smart lifestyle your buyers can experience.

Let your display home do the selling for you! 

Reimagine. Recapture. Go Premium. Sell More. Sell Faster. 

Call us for a chat. 

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