In today’s era, everyone is leaning towards technology and smart electronics. Mobile phones, computers have become smarter, and you come across innovations every day. Hence, there’s no way you would miss improvisations, especially when it’s about your home. 

Smart homes have gained immense popularity in Australian residential markets. As per Statista, the smart home market in Australia is expected to reach four billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2025. The ability to control lighting and appliances has reduced some inconveniences from your busy lives. Digitisation is transforming the world, and smart home technologies have got deep-rooted into our everyday lives. Everyone is looking for a “Home, Smart, Home.”

Importance of “Home, Smart, Home”

Smart Home Automation harnesses the power of technology and integrates it into the lifestyle or routines of homeowners to make their life easier, efficient and comfortable. From the builders’ point of view, equipping homes with smart home automation helps sell more and sell faster. Global trends are moving towards smart lifestyle expectations, and builders have to measure up to meet and seize them. 

But, every coin has two sides. Any technology comes with its positives or negatives, and we need to delve deeper to understand it better. Smart home automation also has its pros and cons, and having a clear picture helps you to decide whether you want to invest in smart technologies or not.

Pros of Smart Home Automation

  1. Better convenience

Sometimes, if you have four remotes to manage four different air conditioners, it becomes challenging. One of them gets lost, and you have to spend maximum time searching for it. Smart home technology provides you with the convenience of controlling appliances, lighting, and other features with just one device, i.e. a smartphone or tablet. Complete control over all the appliances gives you the flexibility to make your house cool in just enough time before you get home from work. And if you are worried about starting dinner early, you can start your oven while you are still on your way home with smart control.

  1. Better comfort

It’s a weekend. You are lying on the couch watching your favourite sitcom series. All of a sudden, you feel cold, and you want to increase the temperature. With smart home automation, you can comfortably lie on your couch and regulate the air temperature. Moreover, you can adjust the lighting from your bed with minimum effort and in a relaxed way.

  1. Saves time

There are times when you are the last one to leave the office and guests are coming for dinner at your home. Early in the day, you had made chicken for them and kept it in the oven. To ensure that your guests get food on time, you can start the oven with your smartphone while waiting for a bus or train. Smart home automation uses wireless technology that allows you to connect to home appliances from anywhere and saves a lot of your time.

  1. Higher quality of life

Smart home technologies allow you to do things quickly and independently. Such a user-friendly option improves the quality of life and provides a sense of satisfaction. Smart homes also allow you to adjust everything and have full control over all your appliances with a single click or command, thereby providing a luxurious experience.

  1. Peace of mind

With the increasing number of threats, the safety and security of your loved ones are paramount in today’s world. You cannot put a price on it. Home automation helps you achieve this by remote monitoring while you are away from the house. For your children, you can use security cameras to monitor where they come and go. Moreover, you can turn off your lights or keep your blinds close while you are away. Smart home automation provides peace of mind as you don’t have to worry every minute and keep a constant check on your house.

  1. Cost savings

When it comes to energy efficiency, smart home automation plays a critical role. The technology makes sure that your appliances are in control and they are not wasting power. For example, when you turn on your thermostat to heat your house during winters, there are chances that you heat too much or too little. But, with smart thermostats, you can maintain an optimal temperature and use power as much as you want. 

  1. Integrated homes

Smart homes are now about wireless control and multi-device interoperability. They are expected to become entirely intuitive –a home that will adjust itself to real-time events around it. By using artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), smart applications will manage the day-by-day functions of the home efficiently. They will also cope with changes around it in real-time. It will continue to learn and optimise in its practices.

The Cons of Smart Home Automation

  1. Installation costs

The installation of smart home automation systems can be quite complex. Another problem is that it can be very costly. But, smart homes can save your money in the long run due to energy savings. So, it would help if you considered the long-term benefits of smart home automation and not the initial installation costs.

  1. System Complexity 

Automation sounds very appealing, but sometimes traditional flipping of a switch is easier than reaching for your smartphone. But, with the right automation partner, the learning process must be easier. 

  1. Technology issues

Smart homes are vulnerable to various technological problems. For instance, if your smartphone doesn’t connect to your smart devices, then there are chances that you are no longer able to control your devices. With a smart home automation expert, you can get all the assistance to overcome these technical challenges.

Now, you have seen the pros and cons of Smart Home Automation. An ideal smart home automation provider can help overcome the cons and support you throughout the journey. They can begin by setting up an assessment followed by planning, offering reasonable SMART plans, installation, integration & customisation, and after-sales support.

The Smart Hive- The right Smart Home Automation partner for you

If you are a homeowner in Australia, you now know that there are many benefits associated with smart home solutions. With the right home automation partner like The Smart Hive, you can add an extra level of safety, satisfaction and design to your home. 

THE SMART HIVE develops and implements a SMART plan for you that not only provides an interactive home but gives you an elevated lifestyle. The team chooses what is suitable for your property, understands your needs and mixes it with the right brands, devices and protocols, to deliver the SMART experience you deserve. Automation, ease and freedom- that is what we provide for every home. 

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