If you ever ask us what is the most fun festival, our answer will be Halloween in unison. Christmas and thanksgiving are pleasing (as that is when most people meet their folks), but they are not the funnest. Valentine’s day is colourful, but it is not fun as Halloween is fun. And it is not just because of the candy (even though Australians are said to have spent $159 million in the 2019 Halloween on chocolates as per the study). It is candy, the costumes, the tricks, the scares, and the John Carpenter movies, all wrapped into one single day that makes the day exciting. It is said to have an origin that warrants a different kind of celebration as it came to be the eve of the All Saint Hallows with customs adopted from the Celtic harvest festival “Samhain”. But regardless of its roots, it has found an identity of its own, and that too a fun one. 

Well, enough with the history, what are you going to do for Halloween. This Halloween, the magic shouldn’t just be in and around your house. It should be your house. Remember the witches and wizardry school “Hogwarts” from the Harry Potter movies? With smart home automation technology, your home can be just that, “Magical”. Continue reading to know how you can place your first step into smart home automation this Halloween.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Smart Home Device

Like many things, even smart home automation doesn’t just have one right way of doing it. That being said, if you are a true beginner without any knowledge of smart home technology, we believe this is where you should start. You should start with the knowledge that will make you chaff the tons of smart home devices in the market and identify the right one for your needs. Below are the top four factors to consider when choosing a device for your home.

*Disclaimer: This list is in no particular order.


No Kidding! You need to check your wallet before even considering a smart home device. Set a budget, and search for a device that you can afford. Pocket friendly doesn’t mean cheap if you know what you are doing.


Everyone has their form of living, and something that frustrates others may not be a problem to you at all. This is why it is important to not go for a device just because your neighbour swears on it. It may be the best fit for him/her but may not be for you. So you need to observe and evaluate your needs before going to the next step.


All kinds from a mother’s womb are not the same, then how can a product manufactured by different companies be the same. Smart home automation is growing, and there has been a big hike in the number of products from companies of young and old hitting the market. Even though they are the same in nature, they differ drastically in their attributes, so it is a must to have a learned eye while picking. 


Think of home automation as a perfectly oiled machine. For it to run effortlessly and reap you the maximum benefit, one should coordinate with the other. So when you buy a smart home device powered or controlled by a program, for example, say “Alexa” now that you have dictated the type of program, your future devices should be compatible with Alexa to have an integrated smart home experience.


May it be the case that you know what you want, but still, the chances of you getting the correct devices is not guaranteed. This is why it is important to have a learned eye (like we said earlier). Research diligently the device you are interested in buying and do not shy away from getting expert support for doing it for you. i.e. To make the recommendation and also set up the automation. 

What Are Some Beginner Automation Projects?

So, now you know the different factors to consider when choosing a smart home device. But are confused about selecting an automation project to start with. Worry not! We got you covered. Below are the three best beginner-friendly smart home projects.

*Disclaimer: Again, this list is in no particular order.

Intelligent lights

Most experts regard the automatic lights/intelligent lights set up as the most basic home automation project. And they are not wrong. But despite its difficulty level, their final product is amazing. Every different hue can change your atmosphere and mood. Lights can be set in such a way that it burns when the room goes dark or at a certain time. So if you are looking for an option to make your home flirt with the lights, then Intelligent lights are the right choice.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are cool as a magic trick, except it is science. Aside from being a device that eliminates the use of traditional keys and thereby gives you convenience, they offer security to your property that cannot be rivalled by any other method in the market. These locks, much like most smart home appliances, can be controlled using your smartphone. Also, you can set the locks to unlock when you come close to the door and lock when you go away. The locks will use the motion sensors to do this little magic. This is not only a beginner smart home project but a smart investment.

Smart Thermostat

It is Halloween, which means you are in the midst of the spring and then comes summer and then the harsh winter. So, it is the best time to install a thermostat in your home if you already haven’t got one. Even if you do, the regular thermostat may demand manual work and a minor inconvenience with that. The solution? Smart Thermostat can be controlled by your phone anywhere from your home, and the control is possible even when you are away from home, given that the WiFi is available. A smart thermostat also will give you the option to regulate the temperature automatically based on your location. 

To Wrap It Up

You dream of a magical home just like the promise of Halloween can be made a reality through smart home automation technology. Understanding the crucial factors like Cost, lifestyle, attributes, setup, and research can help you chaff out the smart home devices that are right for you. And by starting with a beginner-friendly project, Vola! You would have made your first step into smart home realisation. 

Remember the advice to have a learned eye? We can be that for you. If you have further questions or are still a bit confused, “The Smart Hive” has been helping homeowners and builders ensure convenience and efficiency for their smart home with the right daily smart products. 

Equip and build your homes with these security features and witness a shorter sales cycle, more buyers, increased property value and greater customer satisfaction. 

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