What’s the one thing that you wish someone gifted you that would just transform your life or lifestyle?  Big question there, isn’t it? We believe we have the answer. Be it what you wish were gifted to you, but you should consider gifting ones dearest to you!

Smart home automation! A gift of a transformed, elevated lifestyle.

We are in the year 2021, and there really isn’t any introduction needed to IoT or the top trends in home automation. We know for a fact that most home buyers are looking at integrated homes that offer convenience, security and a touch of luxury. Stats indicate that buyers are willing to pay more for a home that comes with smart home features. 

The markets are flush with smart home products that include some of the coolest gadgets you can gift your friends and family (and yourself!). Be it smart home devices to assist and ease, or something that will spin up the entertainment. Practical or flashy or both – you can take your pick. 

A smart door lock that will unlock as your friend approaches? A voice assistant to hang on every word and command? A robot cleaner that will take the most mundane chore off your grandparents’ hands? Gifts that would be welcomed by anyone irrespective the age or gender, or geography! One look at the usage trends and predictions across the globe, and you know what you are contributing towards. 

Smart Lifestyle is the future! And you can gift one!

Technology has a vast influence in every sphere of human life. Smart home technology and IoT is no different.  It has helped build future homes and assisted in upgrading lifestyles to a great extent. Home Automation is the new way of life where an owner can connect almost any imaginable device to the internet for a seamless experience.

Smart home technology has made our lives easier, safer, and our lifestyles better. This is apart from the long list of benefits it comes with, from helping to stay energy-efficient and cost-efficient to helping elders or kids stay independent yet protected. Staying in a smart home indeed relates to the term ‘sit back and relax’ as it gives the convenience of controlling and automating everything under the roof from the palm of one’s hand. 

Well, before you get onto thinking about buying a smart home or device for yourself, let’s get back to discussing those gifting ideas, shall we? What would look impressive as a housewarming gift? Or a birthday gift? Or just quite simply! (Gifting doesn’t need an occasion, we’d say!)

List of Smart products that are great gifts!

  • A Smart Power Strip 

A power strip consists of multiple outlets and two USB ports which the owners can individually turn on and off and even automate using their smart voice assistant. It can operate most anything  (not all) that’s plugged into it, turning the appliance into a smart device. All this while the user can very efficiently control the device usage and optimise energy.

  • A Smart Switch-pressing Robot/ Smart Vacuum

A smart plug cannot automate every other device, no matter how well installed the smart home is. Some devices would still need a push on the button. A SwitchBot, an adorable button-pushing robot, can ease the work! The homeowners can use their voice assistant and tell it to turn on the light switch or press the “on” button on the fan, coffeemaker, air conditioner, or anything else. How about that!

  • A Smart Clock

Imagine a Google Assistant using a combination of lights and sounds to wake up the homeowners. Oh, what a delight when the small alarm clock has a smart display too! The smart clock can choose from a number of different alarms and visual elements and lighten the homeowner’s day with a perfect morning.

  • A Smart Grill

Super-futuristic! The smart grill is a must-gift for anyone who loves a barbecue. The owners can let the smart device know how they want their food of choice cooked, and they’ll get a notification when the meal is ready!

  • A Smart Light Bulb Kit

A smart light bulb is an excellent gift for your friend’s new smart home. But do you know what’s even better? A smart light bulb kit that includes four white bulbs, which your friend can control with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit, or a Philips Hue Bridge after connecting them to the router. Voila! 

  • A Smart Cooker

Any kitchen-lover will appreciate the gift of a smart sous vide. Just place the ingredients in a sealed container, drop the container into hot water, and the device will do the rest. Isn’t that the easiest way to fit cooking into a busy schedule? (It is okay to get yourself one while gift shopping!)

  • A Smart Home Hub

A smart hub is one of the favourite smart displays and one of the budget-friendly ones you can buy as a housewarming party gift. The homeowners can use its 7-inch screen as they wish. Watch YouTube videos, follow along with new recipes, binge on other tutorials, or read song lyrics besides controlling all other smart devices.

So, next time when you’re invited to a housewarming party, you have got your ideas sorted!  Look extraordinary with extraordinary gifts. Go with these smart ideas, mate!

We’ve got something for the builders too!

Alright. Are you a builder wanting to get back in touch with your customers? How about a gift that could put you right back in their sight and good books? Offer your dear patrons the advantage/opportunity of upgrading their existing home to a Smart Home, living a Smart Lifestyle! Break the ice by making an offer they can’t refuse. Get in touch with our experts and give your customers a free consultation on smart home upgrades. While at it,  get a free assessment of your display homes as our partnership gift! If you have been following our blogs, you know what difference that can make to your selling process. 

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