“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

                                                              – Henry David Thoreau, Walden

When you have put all you have to own a beautiful castle of a home, the next step is to secure it with a “moat”. That’s right! Security is super important so that nothing can mar your dream home. To serve this need of yours, professional security brands are forced to hit the market with affordable DIY alternatives. Being at peace of mind for your home should not be a matter of breaking the bank. Gone are the days when you had to pay big bucks for your home security installation, and these security systems usually demanded long contract commitments. In 2021, you can find smart security options that are easy to install even by yourself. These next-generation security systems available now in the market offer homeowners the choice of just paying for the required extent of the monitoring plan you want for your home. The main reason you choose a smart home monitoring security system is to prevent the property from burglary. Australia allegedly had 200,000 burglary incidents reported each year. The majority of these incidents happen in residential homes. This means, as per the data, your dream home is a more appealing target for burglars than any business down the street.

Therefore it is a pleasure when technology giants like Google, Apple and Amazon decide to join the fray by acquiring or partnering with various security companies, thus giving out the best security products for homeowners. Products such as smart locks, cameras and video doorbells have captured our imagination. We had our hands on all of these devices and tested them to separate the cream from the crop. This article on further succession will list the five best home security systems in the Australian market as of the year 2021.

Five Best home security systems in Australia 2021:

1. EufyCam Wire-Free HD Security 4-Camera Set

What comes with it? The set is wire-free, which makes the installation trustworthy. Each of the cameras is weatherproof and has night vision enabled in them. The cameras can view upto 140 degrees angle in its vicinity. They also have face recognition technology-enabled. The battery life can last upto 365 days with one charge. At the same time, the memory competency is upto 128 GB on a micro SD card.

Control: The security system can be controlled using the Eufy security app or Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. The app is compatible with both ios and android. Cloud storage can be used through the app.

Our Review: We found that the camera is of great quality and the system is easy to install. The Eufy app is really masterful. The instructions on them are easy to follow. You can talk to the visitor, get a deduction alert to the phone and trigger loud sirens in case of intruders. Through this system, surveillance is available on your phone, through which you can find out what is happening around your house from anywhere in the world.

2. Lenovo Smart 360 Pan & Tilt Security Camera

What comes with it? This is an easy to install, wireless security system. It enables you to move the camera movement up to 360 degrees. The cameras are equipped with decent night vision and motion tracking ability. The whole system comes with excellent battery life, and memory competency is upto 128 GB on a micro SD card.

Control: The security system can be voice-controlled using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The files can be uploaded and stored in the cloud.

Our Review: This is the most budget-friendly pick on our list, pricing only around $79. There is a learning curve for attaining a complete understanding of the system. The two way audio on the system is efficient and capable of enabling clear communication as long as the internet is available. The camera allows you to tilt, pan and zoom for easy motion deduction.

3. Swann 4 Camera Full HD 1080p CCTV Security System

What comes with it? This system from Swann comes with four weatherproof cameras that are unbeatable for its price. These outdoor cameras offer 30 meters of infra-red night vision. It detects thermal sensing technology to detect people and large pets. With efficient battery life, the system offers up to 30 GB memory compatibility in micro SD. 

Control: The security system can be controlled using the Homesafe view app or Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. The app is compatible with both ios and android. The files can be uploaded and stored in the cloud.

Our Review: Even though the android app left us with a lot to be desired, the cameras are the best at the price it offers. The app can send you warnings on your mobile and allows you to easily switch between timestamps to see who or what it was. 

4. Circle View Camera

What comes with it? This is a wired security system from Logitech with 180-degree field-of-view optics. The camera is equipped with 15ft best in class infrared night vision capability. The 1080p HD quality to make sure everything is captured racer sharp. 

Control: This is an exclusive system for Apple. It seamlessly integrates with Apple technology and works via the Apple tool kit.

Our Review: We highly appreciated the waterproof nature of this compact camera that allowed us to perch it anywhere from a bookshelf to an outdoor wall. Because it is working via the Apple tool kit, the end-to-end encryption and in-home video analysis offered great security. 

5. LiTMUS LAB Arlo Ultra 4K Security System

What comes with it? These are wireless cameras from Arlo that offer 4k resolution. The camera comes with night vision that is super-enhanced compared to its competitors. It has 180 degrees of full panoramic view with auto image correction that removes the red-eye effect. The system offers charging through direct sunlight. Also, spotlighting is available to ward off intruders.

Control: The security system can be voice-controlled using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Recommended using through Apple watch for a seamless experience.

Our Review: It is a little bit frustrating that the 4k feature is only available in the paid subscription. But when the 4k is accessible, this camera is one of the best security systems. Through its high-resolution video capture, you will have a perfect view of even the small information like the licence plate number. 


From 4k resolution to spotlight ability, professional security brands and big tech companies are in the fray to bring the best security solutions to homeowners. With the popularity of DIY security systems, these professional companies are forced to bring out the best at affordable prices. So, it is now the best time to select any of our recommendations based on your particular needs. If you have further questions or are still a bit confused, “The Smart Hive” have been helping homeowners and builders ensure security for their smart home with the right security products. 

Equip and build your homes with these security features and witness a shorter sales cycle, more buyers, increased property value and greater customer satisfaction. 

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