These are perfect stories of families in Sydney who discovered comfort and peace of mind in their new sanctuary, i.e. Smart Homes.  

Meet Joanna Lewis and Denny Lewis, with two kids, Joy and Faith. They have been living in their home for the past twelve years. One day, when they were away at a party, they received a phone call saying that their house had been broken into. They were upset and felt helpless because there was nothing they could do. That’s when Denny hoped to have a robust home security system with 24*7 monitoring that could make him and his loved ones feel safe. 

In another part of the city, Marc Jacobs, a product line manager, was interested in identifying ways to enhance his home’s energy efficiency. He wanted to invest in modern gadgets that would conserve his energy and effort. Utility bills were always a hot conversation in the household! And he wanted a way to plug the debates!

Also, for a working parent like Donna, household chores had always been a matter of concern. No matter how prepared she was, Donna struggled to keep her house spotless and clean all the time. That’s why she wished for smart cleaning solutions that cleaned the house on her command.

Being open to new ideas, each one of them decided to take a closer look at the concept of interactive homes, i.e. smart homes powered by the idea of IoT. With a press of a button or simple voice command, they overcame their problems and took the necessary action. All of them had new homes that led to new beginnings and new moments.

Joanna and Denny installed a smart security monitoring system for peace of mind. Now, if they are gone for a few hours or on vacation, they know that all their doors are locked, and their alarm system is on. 

Marc also found an innovative way, i.e. smart thermostats, to get control of his energy use. Now, the thermostat is able to learn from his preferences and adjust the temperature accordingly. Moreover, the smart lighting control ensures that all lights and TV’s are off before bed. 

From robot vacuums, robot mops, air purifiers, automated carpet cleaners, robot window cleaners to auto-cleaning litter boxes, Donna upgraded her home with futuristic technologies that guaranteed cleanliness. As a result, she is able to improve her productivity at work and

spend quality time with her family.

Like the above, all of you dream of advanced and automated technologies that make your life easy. With the number of threats rising daily, you seek for utmost security and safety of your loved ones. And, in the new normal situation, you need to bring your A-game and be a multitasker. It’s time to transform your homes into smart homes for a better future and luxurious standard of living.

Smart home automation- Security, Comfort and Convenience in a single click or a single command

A few years back, did you know that you would be able to control your home’s thermostat, lights and security systems via smartphone? The answer would be no, not possible. That’s true. But, with the advent of IoT and Artificial Intelligence, this scenario has changed considerably. With smart home devices, the power of control is lying in your hands or your voice. Top industry players like Google and Amazon use these technologies to create programs that can learn and envision the user’s preferences and automatically play out specific errands. 

Robust Security with Home Automation Systems

When it comes to your peace of mind, there are no compromises. And wherever you are, you can virtually keep an eye on your home with home automation systems. CCTV cameras, biometric locks, video door entry systems or motion sensors, smart home security monitoring systems promise a secured experience like no other. Once configured, it can give you, or your neighbour alerts on any break-ins, leaks, smoke and unsuitable temperature readings. You can view surveillance footage and receive motion detector alerts that enable you to take appropriate action. With smart security solutions, protect what’s near and dear to you, i.e. your home and loved ones.

Comfort with Home Automation Systems

After a hectic day, all you want to do is slip in a pair of pyjamas and relax in bed. And when you do that, you realise that your bathroom light is on. How frustrating is that? With smart light bulbs, you can simply switch it off without having to leave the comfort of your bed. Not only that, you can unlock the door for a plant sitter with ease, and there’s no need to keep the key under the mat. With just one device, smart home technology solutions can make your home life easier and happy. 

Convenience with Home Automation Systems

Siri, turn on the lights! And the light is on without any effort. Simple, isn’t it? Smart home technology automates your everyday tasks so that you don’t have to be in control or worry about it. Convenience selections can be made like pre-setting time to close window curtains without any physical effort. There’s no longer the need to return home to switch off any appliance. Smart home automation gives you the convenience of controlling all your appliances and household tasks through a single app in the palm of your hand, without moving an inch. 

Upgrade your home to Smart Home with The Smart Hive

You now know that there are many benefits associated with smart home solutions. With the right home automation partner like The Smart Hive, you can add an extra level of safety, satisfaction and design to your home. 

THE SMART HIVE develops and implements a SMART plan for you that not only provides an interactive home but gives you an elevated lifestyle. The team chooses what is suitable for your property, understands your needs and mixes it with the right brands, devices and protocols, to deliver the SMART experience you deserve. Automation, ease and freedom- that is what we provide for every home. 

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