It might not be surprising to know, being one of the leading consumers of smart home devices, Australia has 18.9 internet-connected devices per household on average. And for 2021, the country is forecasted to have 2.53 billion USD revenue in the smart home market. More and more households are installing more and more smart devices each day. The type of devices ranges from the ever-popular smoke alarm to the novel smart home cleaner. The comfort and lighting segment of home automation is the widely sought after piece of smart gadgets by Australian House Owners, says the findings of the latest countrywide census. 

The exponential growth of smart home assistants like Alexa and Google assistant has been a real big instigator for home automation trends in the country. When companies like Google and Amazon jump into the market, which was previously only occupied by small brands, the huge potential of business in smart homes is evident. Different smart home devices for alleviating the manual effort of a particular area are hitting the market continuously. This can be a little overwhelming and may leave you confused about your choice. The best solution to this is to have a peek into what other homeowners in Australia have in their smart home-buying habits. What follows is a list of the top ten smart home devices preferred by Australian house owners and builders, in no particular order. And to cover a wide range of gadgets, only one is selected from each of its categories.

1. myQ lift – Master Garage Opener

myQ connectivity lets homeowners access their garage door, gate and even the commercial door using the cloud-based network of the myQ smart home app. The app lets you know when any of your doors are left open through an immediate alert message. You can then close it with a press of a button on your phone. Your doors can be commanded upon no matter where you are around the globe. 

2. Rachio 3 – Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio is a smart home water sprinkler controller for your yard. With its latest version in Rachio 3, you can water your yard effectively and automatically according to its requirements. The smart water scheduler is a foolproof method for providing enough water to your plant without a miss. The Rachio app is easy to use and can be integrated with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google next. Custom experience can be set with Rachio for your Lawn specific water needs based on the plant type, soil, sun exposure etc.

3. Caséta – Smart Switches

Lutron’s Caséta smart switches and dimmer can be used to enable a smart lighting experience without investing in any smart bulbs. With Caséta, you have the freedom to choose any dimmable bulbs. Another benefit of Caséta is its flexibility. They can be integrated with most smart home devices, unlike other such gadgets. The smart bridge of Caséta is so powerful that it delivers fast and reliable authority without slowing down the wifi.

4. August – Smart Locks

August is a smart lock system, which on installation, you can open and close your doors using your phones. The product app also allows you to provide the virtual key to your guest. But the most exciting feature of these smart locks is that when its auto-lock/unlock feature is turned on, your door automatically will be closed behind you and will open when you approach nearby. Using the app, you can know who is coming and going and whether your doors are closed or not and many more. The app is compatible with Both ios and android.

5. Google Chromecast by Google TV

This is the most popular entertainment smart home gadget among Australian house owners. Presented by Google and so there is no compromise in its premium quality. Through Chromecast, users can stream their favourite tv shows, movies, sports etc., from their phones and laptops to the big screen of their TV. You can just use your phone to simply browse and control your TV from anywhere in your house. Once integrated, you don’t even have to sign in every time to use it. You can start using it by just opening the app. 

6. ECOVACS DEEBOT U2 Pro – Smart Vacuum Cleaner

DEEBOT U2 Pro by ECOVACS is the best option for a smart vacuum cleaner for houses with pets. The automatic cleaner has Pet care kit plus Max+ for increased suction for cleaning demanding pet’s hair. You can switch the cleaner’s function between vacuum and mop for an all-around cleaning session to the entirety of your property. And regarding the battery charge, once charged, the cleaner can vacuum and mop the floor upto 200sqm without stop.

7. Google Nest Protect – Smart Smoke Alarm

Google Nest Protect is a smart smoke alarm that detects smoke and carbon monoxide. In an instance of smoke or carbon monoxide, a voice alert will be provided. If you are not home, an alert message will be sent to the phone. It uses a split spectrum to detect the burning or smouldering and a CO detector to look out for carbon monoxide. In both of these cases, Google Nest not only informs you of such cases but also tells you the place where it is present. Battery efficiency is solid here. It also provides the nightly promise when you turn off the lights. 

8. Ecobee – Thermostat

Ecobee’s thermostat is a smart home technology that assists you automatically to control the thermostat temperature. The latest version of this device comes in voice control. The smart sensor will correctly identify the existing temperature of the room and will adapt to that. The new eco+ feature will help your thermostat to learn and adapt to your routine. The device also comes with a built-in Alexa. The Ecobee is fairly simple to use with less of a learning curve.

9. Gosund Smart Plug

Gosund smart plugs change the bleakness of the boring old fashioned plugs to something more fun. With these plugs, a timer can be set to monitor and share the electricity efficiently. The installation is fairly simple, only taking about one minute for each plug. It uses a smart life app to receive commands, which is really easy to use the app. It can also connect with Alexa. This makes everything so easy.

10. Flo by Moen – Smart Water Security System

Flo by Moen is a smart home water security system that detects water leaks and plumbing damages in your house 24*7. Its standalone smart water detector sends you an alert message whenever it identifies moisture outside the tap mouth. Through Flo by Meon app, you can get insight on your water from the pipe like live water use, water flow rate, temperature and even pressure. This smart gadget helps you to intervene promptly and prevent more disastrous events on your plumbing. 


The increased interest of Australian homeowners for home automation as per the study is only going to increase. Most of the country’s household now has some of the creative, smart technology. So be a part of the smart community and do not miss out on desirable home trends of the future.

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