“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” 

Marie Curie

The above sentence is spoken by the most inspirational figure of the early twentieth to whom the modern world owes its development. This is something that has to be applied to the current Covid19 situation and alleviate the stress by adopting our surroundings for the betterment, thus making our journey more comfortable. The research from consumer spending habits in Australia amid the pandemic has given us an understanding of what the populace found themselves to be the alleviator of this challenging situation. 

Besides food delivery and furniture and offices, home improvement saw the most spending by the Australian people. This is because the public is spending more hours than ever in their homes, and a well-equipped home provides the best functional experience. This is why “Smart homes” (especially) are being consistently sought after in comparison to regular homes because of their features that enable easy ring for work and recreational needs.

Based on research, the people spending on health and fitness during the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia reached 90% of the normal spending in a week. This was an improvement from previous months. Also, the effects of lockdown and social distancing saw good spending on home improvement, i.e., investing in technology for smart homes.

Let’s take this into account and formulate an understanding of how the increasing trends in smart homes can help take the edge off of Covid-19.

Major Challenge imposed On Australian Public Due To Covid-19

Currently, Sydney has become the epicentre of the third wave of COVID-19 in Australia and is going through the eighth week of lockdown. The country, because of this, is encountering an array of challenges that hinder the lives of many to a halt. Some of these challenges are:

  • The proportion of people working from home full time has increased, but most of the homes do not make an effective work environment. Covid constrained 60% of the workforce to work from their homes full time against the mere 7% of the pre-covid.
  • The parent-only care, which used to be just 30% of families, now grew to 64%. This has demanded more effort from parents for children’s entertainment and education.
  • There has been an increase in manual effort requirements for parents, who had to work and take care of their children in between work. Which also affects their quality and consistency in work.
  • The whole education of children has been impacted. Schools and educational institutes are in search of efficient virtual substitutes of classrooms for students until they can reopen. 
  • There is also a significantly higher percentage of young adults affected by anxiety and depression due to extremely minimum social contacts and relationships. 

Some Of The Best Smart Home Technologies That Can Help You Alleviate The Covid-19 Pressure 

Smart living experiences extend beyond the physical home. It provides comfort, convenience and safety. And when the COVID-19 pandemic is on, all you want to do is stay healthy. You wear a mask and do take care when you go out. But, how do you keep yourself safe when you are at home? Well, the answer is simple. There are many smart technologies available that can help you deal with the COVID-19 pressure. 

  1. Smart Air Purifiers

As we know, coronavirus spreads through the air; an air purifier is a must at home. The virus itself is very small, but it travels via droplets. So, by using an air purifier, the filter can stop the virus from spreading by catching these droplets. An air purifier with a fine filter can work well against most viruses and bacteria. Smart Air Purifiers also provides the convenience of monitoring and controlling the air quality through a smartphone. Live tracking of indoor air quality enables you to check the best and worst air quality owing to pollution and anticipate the use of smart air filtration. 

  1. Smart Lights

Did you know that the COVID-19 virus can stay on surfaces for upto 72 hours? In such situations, smart lights can help you stay safe by minimizing your contact while switching on or switching off the lights. You can control the lights and their intensity without touching the switches with a single click or command. Also, smart lighting can save energy and provide the comfortable convenience of adjusting the brightness, intensity, and hue with a single app. Smart lights provide personalized scenes based on the occasion and your mood.

  1. Smart Hubs

Smart hubs are a comprehensive solution for going touchless. Without touching them, you can control all the IoT gadgets with a single device, from your TV to your locks. These smart hubs like Amazon Echo or Google Home can also help you stay updated about the latest news on coronavirus every day. When all devices are connected, smart hubs provide the comfort of managing them effectively. 

  1. Automatic hand washing

In this pandemic, it’s crucial to wash your hands regularly. So, an automatic faucet can help you wash your hands without making them dirty. Also, it can help you save water and keep you safe from the viruses that are on the surfaces. So, no more worrying about making your faucet being dirty. Keep it clean always and lessen your efforts.

  1. Smart Locks

Smart locks can keep your door-touching to a minimum, thereby allowing you not to touch things like locks and handles. You can unlock your door with a smart lock even if you are not physically present at home. Simple home security smart system can increase your security and help you forget the hideaway key. 

  1. Provide efficient workplace

Within smart homes, devices remain isolated from each other. That’s why it’s very important to improve the interaction between these appliances and people using them. This would help to unlock the real potential. For instance, a smart home will know when the person sits for work and on the lights, thereby providing an efficient workplace at home. Also, the coffee maker would turn off automatically and start brewing fresh cappuccino.


The Covid-19 pandemic made home improvement important more than ever. Now, more attention has to be given to your health, both physically and mentally. And one of them that caters to your health is your home. With Smart Home, you can enable physical and mental health and your social health with its features that maintain work and recreational needs. Homeowners and builders in Australia are already benefiting from smart home technology. The Smart Hive is their most trusted officiator and will be yours too.

Equip and build your homes with these security features and witness a shorter sales cycle, more buyers, increased property value and greater customer satisfaction. 

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