Christmas decoration is not about the tree nor the lights, or the music (even though on the surface it is) but it is about the representation of your holiday spirit. It is about the visual gratitude of being blessed with health for yourself and that of your circle. So, don’t wait too long to start decorating your home as Christmas day is fast approaching. Most homeowners now have brilliant taste in art and as well as for technology. This argument can be proved by the number of properties integrated and transformed into smart homes with creative and unique automation devices in the last two years. Therefore, it requires not a lot of convincing for the homeowners to make an effort in the festival season to embellish their home smart devices that will bring Santa and his minions with impeccable attraction.

If you are looking for the coolest ideas for your Christmas decoration, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of smart devices to decorate your home this Christmas season. The rules that went into choosing these devices were that they should represent the festival’s spirit and infuse it with the convenience of smart technology. Also, only one from each category is selected to have an all-around list. 

Smart Device Checklist For Christmas Decoration

O Tannenbaum – Smart Christmas tree

A Fig tree is the most apparent imagery of Christmas. Thus a Christmas tree is the must-have for any home that wants to welcome the celebration. As the Christmas tree is the centrepiece for all other decorations and traditions that will follow, you should start with a unit. The traditional method of creating a Christmas tree is time-consuming and will always go off somewhere, even when done by an experienced person. So, your best option is to buy a smart Christmas tree.

Our Recommendation – Christmas tree by Twinkly

This real-like Christmas tree comes in the height of 7 and a half feet with 400 LED lights. The Twinkly app can control these lights, which are connected via Bluetooth. The app is available on both android and iOS. If you are going this route, the only work required is the setting up of the tree, and the rest can be controlled by your smartphone. You have the option to choose to light among the multiple default setup, or you can customize your own by mixing the lights. You can take a step further and connect all other Twinkly devices (if you have any) and have a synced Christmas decoration. 

 Carol – Smart Speakers

Carols and Christmas music set up the Christmas atmosphere even before anyone’s eyes fall upon the decoration. We all remember these evergreen songs, and hearing them not only sets the mood for Christmas for now but also teleports us back to our cheerful previous memories of Christmas. For all this to happen, you need some good quality smart speakers that can resonate throughout the premise of your home.

Our Recommendation – Sonos Move Speakers

Sonos Move is an absolutely brilliant speaker that is worth every penny. The speaker is wireless, so you can easily move from room to room. You can even take it outdoors to your home without losing its sound quality and damaging the speaker as it is weatherproof. It is connected via Bluetooth and WiFi. The Sonos app lets you control the speakers pretty effectively and connect them with more pairs of Sonos speakers to have your Christmas carol heard in multiple rooms of your home. 

Sound of the company – Smart doorbells

The Christmas spirit emphasises more on sharing your love and happiness with others. That is why we invite and expect our friends and family to drop into our homes. And when they do, it is a moment to be celebrated. This just reminds us what is better than a smile, some more smiles. That is what the company/visitors/guests offer. So, it is only fitting to be aware of their arrival in the most effective deduction of the doorbell. 

Our Recommendations – Ring Video Doorbell 3

With Ring Video, Doorbell 3 become aware of the guest arrival with a wide range of bells and whistles, including the 3D video option. This doorbell will let you always know who is knocking, whether or not they pressed the calling bell. The video sensor alerts you who is at your front door. It can be connected through WiFi and controlled with the Ring app.

Shimmering House Under The Moon – Smart Plugs And Other Light Setup

Another staple of the Christmas decoration is the lighting other than the Christmas tree. It is a proverbial phrase that only homes are allowed to shine as bright as the stars during the Christmas season. And you have a lot of options to realise that sentiment this year, from smart bulbs like Philips Hue to the Smart LED strip lights that are versatile in their use. But smart plugs are the first thing to have if you don’t possess any of these other smart lighting devices because they can be used as the base through which the other setup can be built upon.

Our Recommendation – Wemo WiFi Smart Plug

This smart plug series from Wemo can be used to dim the lights of your lighting decoration and control them through the Wemo app. It can also be controlled using voice assistants, even Siri. Another advantage of this smart plug is that it has a physical switch to on and off the smart plug. Further, it has an away-from-home feature that lets the lights automatically on intermittently. 


Along with the traditional colours of Christmas decorations such as pine green, heart red and snow white, bring the contemporary modernity decoration to your homes. Do this through the smart home devices recommended above in this article because the magic of Christmas will be more apparent in smart homes with smart decorations. 

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