A home will be the most important place of anybody’s day-to-day life, even more so than before. Therefore technology manufacturers are going all-in on smart home technology. CES 2022, which took place between January 5 and January 8, had many reveals that excited everyone in the smart home scene. The following will be our best and most exciting picks of devices showcased in the course of the entire event.

What is CES?

CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show. It is an annual event/show held by none other than the Consumer technology association. The show venue is in the Las Vegas convention centre, Nevada, and it happens in the first week of January of every year. It thereby resides as the platform for consumer electronics technology presentations for technology manufacturers not just in America but all over the world.

And with the rise of smart homes, home technology has pretty much taken over the event as the year passes. This year was no different. There were more tech-focused on homes rather than anything else, whether it is the air-purifying mattress or the bespoke French Refrigerator. Smart home technology pulled all stops, and the buzzword that was floating around every manufacturer was “high-tech.” Another first time for this event was that most manufacturers did away with the in-person plan and did the presentation from the safety of their homes. Anyhow, without any further adieu, here are our picks of CES 2022 smart home devices (in no particular order) that the homeowners should be most excited about.

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni

Manufacturer – Ecovacs

Expected Launch Date – March 2022

Robot vacuum cleaners had stiff competition in this year’s CES, with a lot of vacuum cleaners presented. But Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni took the lead by an inch. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra was the only other robot vacuum cleaner that even came close to X1 Omni. X1 Omni can be controlled by voice commands. It was its own voice assistant system called Yiko. So unlike S7 MaxV Ultra, the vacuum need not have to be connected with any third-party system to comply with your voice command. Further, it has a 3D mapping system for navigation that allows you to command a specific room and a specific area in your room. However, both S7 MaxV Ultra and X1 Omni come with a docking station to auto-empty the dust and refill water as they have mopping features as well.

Kohler PerfectFill

Manufacturer – Kohler

Expected Launch Date – May 2022

PerfectFill was one of the novel home automation devices coming out of the CES 2022. It is an innovative upgrade of almost uncharted territory. The perfect fill gives your bathtub the upgrade you never knew you wanted. It gives you the authority of your drain and fills it with your bathtub. You can fill the bathtub with just a voice command using devices such as Alexa, or you can do it using the Kohler Konnect app. With PerfectFill, you have the autonomy to decide on the temperature and depth of the water to be filled.

Samsung Bespoke French Door refrigerator

Manufacturer – Samsung

Expected Launch Date – Available in stores now

Bespoke is the next big thing coming out of Samsung. Samsung is a new smart home appliance to integrate and be a part of their Bespoke Family hub technology. And they revealed their Bespoke French Door refrigerator as their latest addition to this ambitious project. The idea is to empower all of the regular home appliances with a custom design to match your home while also carrying over the ability to stream media and interact with the smart home hub. The Bespoke French Door refrigerator comes in a variety of colour combinations. It can be sunrise yellow or emerald green to best fit your kitchen design.

Conway Smart Care Air Mattress

Manufacturer – Conway 

Expected Launch Date – TBC

Sleep is so really underrated. It is hilarious sometimes how underrated it is. You will be surprised at how much productivity you can get from good REM sleep. Why we sleep? By Matthew Walker is a great book you must read to have your eyes open (rather closed) about the importance of sleep. Good sleep is highly influenced by the environment as well. That is why Smart Care Air Mattress from Conway stands out. This mattress will help you breathe a little easier. The Smart Care Air Mattress features include self-dimming lights, humidifier, purifier, and aroma dispenser. It set the mood for sleep by dimming the light and diffusing the scent. And during sleep, it distributes air from all of its sides to prevent those stiffy nose mornings. Also, when you sleep, it detects your position and body pressure and adjusts to it accordingly. 

Withings BodyScan

Manufacturer – Withings

Expected Launch Date – Second half of 2022

If the last product interested you, this smart device is also on the same stratosphere. The current situation calls us to be more health-conscious than you were. That is why the Bodyscan from Withing nailed its timing. This is not just a weight scale that tracks your body composition and has the ability to be controlled by an app. BodyScan can do that, but it can also detect atrial fibrillation and rate your heart rhythm using ECG done by its retractable stainless steel handle (electrode). The doctor-developed smart device helps you attain your health goals. This can be achieved through the guides and suggestions of its companion app. 

Why The Smart Hive?

To wrap it up, stars have aligned in CES 2022 for the year to be another progressive step for the Smart Homes industry or for home automation. The devices showcased, and manufacturers interested in the smart home device are bigger than the last year or even the year before that. So was the amount of effort in the innovation in that direction. The home technology department will take over consumer Electronics Show in few years. Till then, you can have the luxury to wait for all the best CES 2022 launches sometime this year.

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