Thanksgiving is the busiest holiday of the year for many countries, especially for Australia, the United States and Canada. This is because of the family members moving around and gathering in one place. It is the time of the year that anyone would wish they had more of them. The celebration culminates in “the dinner”, which is symbolic when we talk about Thanksgiving. Being a harvest festival, it shares similarities with many cultures regardless of religion and geography. These dinners signify more than food. It is not just bread and spices stuffed inside the turkey but also happiness and gratitude for what has been blessed within the course of last year. 

However, these gatherings and dinners demand high effort to host. With that said, the sheer manual work should not be a reason to skip Thanksgiving. The smart home industry is drowned with many smart Iot devices each year to help homeowners in their Thanksgiving preparations. If you are one such homeowner who is excited to host Thanksgiving for your family, the following are the smart devices that can be of your assistance. 

All the forthcoming device recommendations are divided into four categories, so you are not just overdone in one area but can provide a well rounded positive experience for guests.

For Dinner

Here are our top four recommendations of smart devices that can help you in the kitchen.

Precision Cooker – Anova or Mellow Sous vide 

Precision temperature cooking is a method followed by professional chefs for decades, but now sous vide manufacturers like Anova and Mellow have mastered a model that will fit within the expertise of regular home cooks. With these devices, you can transform any pot into a sous vide cooking machine. The mobile application that comes with it will let you have total control while other work takes you up.

Smart Pan – Pantelligent

This is another one that must have smart devices for your kitchen this Thanksgiving. It is one of those devices that you will never know you needed it until you have one. These smart pans from Pantelligent will help you cook delicious meals by incorporating one of the important ingredients, “temperature”. Cooking in this pan, you will have absolute control over the temperature that is absorbed by the pan, and that goes into the food on it. This can be done through the Pantelligent mobile app. You can also use this app to set temperature reads based on the recipe list. 

Smart Measuring Scale – Drop

If there is one culprit to point towards when your cooking goes wrong the most times is the imbalance of ingredients. In other words, the mishap in measuring the ingredient for the recipe is the reason for terrible dishes. But this mishap can be easily averted with the smart measuring scale from Drop. The Drop scale and the smartphone application are synced to get the correct measurement of the selected recipe. And what is really smart is that when you are short of any of the ingredients, it recalibrates the other ingredients automatically to adjust it.

Grocery shopping assistant – Haiku

Preparing dinner for Thanksgiving is no easy task, and you can’t forget to pick up any of the ingredients from the grocery store without it leading to a negative experience. Forgetting garlic, chilli sauce or the whole turkey (see a doctor if that happens, seriously!) is not good at all. This is where “Haiku” comes in as the saviour. Haiku is your personal shopping assistant who can scan the barcode to include the item to restock in your shopping list. It can also dictate your items into the shopping list. This list will then be uploaded to your Haiku app for your convenience.

For Ambiance

When your dinner is set, your smart home ambience is the next thing to cover. It is also super important as it gives the guests a good experience while hanging out before and after dinner. Setting the mood with Philips hue smart lighting and the temperature with the smart thermostat is the go-to. This apart, the following are the two more smart home devices that need to be recognised. 

Smart Air purifier – Honeywell Bluetooth Smart True HEPA Allergen Remover

When people gather around in one place, the room can get congested and the air a little stuffy. This situation can be saved with Smart air purifiers like the Honeywell Bluetooth smart air purifier. This device will help you remove all the allergens and keep the air fresh. You can control the device from anywhere, and the quiet operation of the devices, even though it is expected, should be appreciated.

Smart vacuum – Roomba or Eufy

Our next recommendation is to pick up Roomba or Eufy smart vacuum, which can literally save your Thanksgiving. The smart vacuum can clean your room even at the last minute quickly when your guest is about to arrive, and you are stuck in the kitchen. These devices can clean all the edges of the room and also give you a spot clean. Both Roomba and Eufy can be easily controlled through their exclusive smartphone applications. 

For Entertainment

What to do with your guest aside from the dinner? Entertain them! Entertaining their guest is an unwritten rule of a good host. What follows is our recommendation for your guest entertainment.

Smart Coffee table – Ideum Duet Multitouch 

In the time we went so digital and smartphone-loved, any other form of entertainment seemed secondary. Even our chit chats around the coffee table happen to need internet and multimedia to spice it up. Therefore, Ideum has hit the market with their smart coffee table “Ideum Duet Multitouch”. This Smart device offers multiple uses for the guest at the same time. With the device, the adults can check on the news while the children play games like candy crush on the same device and also look at the gallery albums and do a little shopping on the side screen.

For Memories

Following is our recommendation to make your Thanksgiving memories everlasting

Nest Cam

This can be a little confusing. A security cam? Capturing Memories? You may think about what the relation between the two is. The shelf cam from Nest is an excellent option/ device to capture you and your family’s candid photography during Thanksgiving. You can even run time-lapse videos to capture your whole day. You can control your Nest cam anywhere from your home.

To Wrap it up

Thanksgiving is an important festival that brings our family together once every year. So bring home our top eight smart devices recommendations to make it easier for you to host Thanksgiving at your home. These devices are also the best for Hanukkah that is fast approaching before Thanksgiving.

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