Did you know that 81% of people say that they are more likely to purchase a home with smart technology in place? More importantly, a whopping 72% of homeowners in the age group 18 to 34 indicated that they would be willing to pay thousands more for a property that comes with smart home technology. 

And these numbers are expected to get higher by 2021-22. This year, the pandemic has further pushed up these projections. With the new normal, homes are doubling up as a workspace. Productivity, efficiency, comfort, and connect – all are hence ranking high on buyer’s minds. While motivations may vary for each generation of buyers, the value-add a smart home can bring about is unmissable. 

So, this brings up some pertinent questions for you to consider – Are you, as a builder, meeting these new expectations? How can you sell more, sell faster? How can you enhance the property value and grow your business, while matching up to the buyers’ needs?

The answer, clearly, lies in your adoption of smart home technology, and fast. 

Give Your Buyers What They Seek – Future-ready Smart Homes! 

And boost your property value while at it!

Global studies, and research closer home here in Australia, clearly indicate that smart home automation is the ‘X’ factor that buyers are looking for. And when they find it, they acknowledge the lifetime value it offers, and are okay to pay more. 

As per published Consumer Reports, smart home technology features employed in your homes can enhance the property’s value by up to 5%—that’s $15,000 on a $300,000 home!

The signs are unmistakable.  Smart home benefits are not just what accrues to the buyer/homeowner but of great advantage to the builders as well!

So! How do you get on the bandwagon and get smart home tech to help you increase your property value?

To begin with, let’s look at simple additions that can create a tangible impact on your property value. And oh, do catch up on Smart Home Automation 101 to understand some basics!

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Smart Solutions to boost your property value

  • Lights On!

Bring your buyer’s world of imagination to reality. Let your buyers experience convenience and luxury, at a tap on their screen.   Smart lighting & switches help schedule and control lighting remotely. It also conserves energy!  These are wireless and can be controlled from anywhere in the world!

Be it light sensors, smart colour changing lights, smart switches or plugs – customise and configure to enable a perfect tone, to create a unique ambience as per their mood. Also, offer your buyers the freedom to choose dynamic lighting to make their experience more fun and engaging. 

  • Lock-Unlock-Monitor Smartly!

Everyone is in a hurry! So is your buyer – possibly running out the door every morning! Give them Smart Locks & Monitoring devices and tell them you got their back! Automated Door Locks work wonders if your buyers belong to the category that is looking for a support system to watch out for safety and security as they leave home. You can also offer this such an audience a smart doorbell that allows them to see who is ringing the doorbell and determine if the visitors are welcome guests or strangers. 

Monitoring devices are designed to raise an alert in time for your buyers to react and take action. Smart Camera will help monitor your buyer’s home and their loved ones… be it their elders, children or their pets! 

Offer homes equipped with Smart cameras, smart energy monitors and smart video doorbells – all of which can be configured as needed.

  • A Robo who cleans up!

Cleaning is a daunting task for most!  Safety, savings and convenience playing significant roles in influencing a home buyer to invest in a Smart Home, a suggestion of a smart robot along with other smart appliances will surely add a sigh of relief to your buyer’s decision. A Robo-vacuum can save quite a few hours every week and keep the home squeaky clean! A home that will clean itself up! Now that is an irresistible offer, don’t’ you think?! Elevated lifestyle, that is what you are offering your buyers here!

  • Save Energy, Save Money!

Let the task of managing energy be simple with solutions that help your buyers monitor, analyse and correct their energy usage habits. Smart monitoring devices notify the homeowners about any changes that happen throughout the day or night, thus being one of the easiest options to add value to your property. FYI, this will also help your buyer save money every month going forward. By offering them this solution, you are offering them a lifetime value – energy and cost efficiency lifelong. 

  • A Shade of Care!

How about integrating Motorized shade control to your properties? Such shading is a beautifully designed, visual asset to escalate the home’s décor. It can also turn out to be a thoughtful investment to prevent expensive furnishings from damage due to environmental factors like harsh UV rays. Suggest your buyers this shade of care and add value to your property! 

  • Single App to control all! 

What better than one centralised application to control smart home and IoT-enabled devices and systems? Let your buyers enjoy flawless functionality by eliminating the need to open multiple apps to turn on lights, adjust the thermostat, and lock the doors! Introduce your buyers to the customisable Smart Hub – The essential gadget to connect and run an automated smart home!

  • Hybrid Options 

The value of your property can truly escalate when you choose to combine traditional flexibility with SMART life. Assure your buyers that every member of their buyer’s family, from children to elders, will be at ease handling the Smart Home. Enable conventional integration which allows them to manually turn on or off the smart devices and appliances as and when required. Smart solutions and the traditional route – use as needed!

Seven smart add-ons that can help you increase your property value! As simple as these may sound, home automation is a specialised field. You need the right expertise to crack it. Get a Smart Home Automation Expert to help you put this together. Imagine the impact that you can create when you showcase a display home that is equipped with these smart solutions? Your display home will do the selling for you!

Interesting options to try out, isn’t it? We are just a call away if you want to explore these options for your housing project. We develop and implement bespoke SMART solutions that are just right for your needs, your budget, your property and your buyers!