A home that promises convenience, luxury,
a unique experience, perfect ambience and
peaceful state of mind.
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Introduce your buyers to future-ready smart homes!
Harness the power of smart home technology - showcase
to your buyer a holistic glimpse of a smart lifestyle!
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We empower builders with profitable, bespoke
Smart Home Solutions.Go to Market with future-ready,
value-for-money smart properties that offer a unique experience!
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Let Your Display Home
Do The Talking!

Give Your Buyers What They Seek – Future-ready Smart Homes!

Showcase a home that is equipped with best-in-class smart home technology. Give your buyers a holistic and realistic glimpse into a smart lifestyle they can experience!

We, The Smart Hive, will empower you with bespoke home automation solutions that will help you not just leverage your Display Home advantage, it is going to help you maximise the property value and sell faster!

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An Interactive Home, A Unique Experience,
A Smart Lifestyle

Visualise & Plan

Our Services

At The Smart Hive, we invest quality time in understanding the layout of each individual property and its needs thoroughly, before anything else!

We visit your property, study your floor plan, draw up the scope, set design framework and decide on the right mix of smart devices to use. We then draw up the SMART Plan, estimates and finalise the proposal with you!

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Our Services

Once the proposal is approved our Smart Home Technician will install all the wireless products as per the agreed SMART Plan.

It takes more effort than what you’ve seen or read, to implement it all flawlessly!
The Smart Hive is here to simplify it all for you.

Leave the hassle to us while you get ready to wow your buyers!

Integrate & Customise

Our Services

What makes us stand apart is our bespoke solutions. We invest time to deeply understand every buyer’s daily routines and challenges they want to address. We then work to integrate the best-in-class devices, customise it for them and configure it all into one single App!

How do we handle the customisation?

Talk to us to know more.

24×7 Availability & Support

Our Services

Queries, challenges with existing products or set up, setting changes, new requests, new devices to be integrated, fresh customisation? No worries.

We’ve are with you, 24×7!

Our team of experts are always available to extend support to you and your buyers.

Visualise & Plan
Integrate & Customise
24×7 Availability & Support
Who Would Say No To Smart Home Technology That's Seamless & Flexible?

Make Them an Offer They Can't Refuse!

Our Vision - Every Home a Smart Home

Empower ambitious builders with Bespoke Smart Home Solutions, seamlessly bringing together the right mix of world-class brands & products.

Smart Home Stats for Builders

“81% of people say that they are more likely to purchase a home with smart technology in place.”

The Coldwell Banker Real Estate

“The number of households in Australia to implement Internet of Things (IoT) systems is expected to rise to 1.6 million by 2021.”

Integrated Technologies Australia

Read, Go SMART, Close Deal, Repeat!

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